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  1. SdSurferguy

    Start shaping.

    The $$$ is in the midlength twin pins. Get practicing on those channel bottoms. If they come out wonky call it asymmetric, "Ode to Ekstrom".
  2. SdSurferguy

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Yup last weekend, $40
  3. SdSurferguy

    Beater Trade Network - any interest?

    love me some ugly beaters!
  4. SdSurferguy

    Start shaping.

    IMO the bottleneck is the glass shops. Too much work and no talent left in the west coast surf meccas. Solution? Start a staffing agency to get those shops running at 150%+ output, like the travel nurses. Pull all the talent from the gulf and east coasts. “Are you available to work the NOC...
  5. SdSurferguy

    needessentials fins

    Isn't that the Target brand?
  6. SdSurferguy

    FOUND - Long Fish - thanks for the help guys!

    Did you see the Glen Horn on SD Craigslist for the last month? 8'6 triple stringer with 2+1? I've seen the board in person, super clean. Made for a talented local surfer. I think the price was $400
  7. SdSurferguy

    Surfer's Ear Treatment

    I do get this problem after kitesurfing, but it's in my nose not my ear. Is that the same problem or different? Where in the internet do I find rhinoplasty and kitesurfing combo trips?
  8. SdSurferguy

    Let's talk about....burn out.

    I agree, it's been a rough winter having to constantly get in the water. For me the drawbacks have included: More money spent on wax Wear and tear on wetsuit More money spent on gas Shoulder fatigue Weight loss Wear and tear on beach towels Face hurts from grinning ear to ear
  9. SdSurferguy

    Post Your Quiver

    Damn, NJ Longboarder using the parentheses !
  10. SdSurferguy

    Looking For Fish!!
  11. SdSurferguy

    . I think this sold from the board source recently, and then again on CL a few weeks later.
  12. SdSurferguy

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)
  13. SdSurferguy

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Excellent surf in south county early this morning before the tide went high. Today was one of the best sessions I've had in recent memory (and it's been a fantastic winter already packed with fun size surf, blue skies, and offshore winds). Stoked for January, gonna be a good few weeks!
  14. SdSurferguy

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Copied from another site, more photos here. Definitely a scam.
  15. SdSurferguy

    WANTED: SoCal delam restoration

    What wait time did Ropers quote you?
  16. SdSurferguy

    WTB Long fish type board Socal

    And if you've got something worth trading
  17. SdSurferguy

    WTB Long fish type board Socal
  18. SdSurferguy

    Musings on storm sludge surfing

    My only exception is hitting the surf in that magical window right before/as the storm hits and the winds shift howling offshore. One time I got pneumonia doing that... still think the session was worth it though.
  19. SdSurferguy

    Musings on storm sludge surfing

    A few years ago I stood near the end of the drainage ditch at Tourmaline Canyon during a big flash flood that hit Soledad Mountain, what must have been the first rain of the season (late Sept). It was incredible; a torrential brown waterfall of vegetation debris, lawn chairs, bicycles, an entire...