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    WTB Gato A fin

    mcnasty is right, he has a 9.75 A fin in marine get on it!
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    PHD Hot Gen & Liddle Death Machine

    That Hot Gen! great deal
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    Feral Wetsuits - any reviews. are they the same company as Need Essential? then wtf? lol

    Just picked up a lightly used Feral 4/3 for a great price. It’s extremely warm and silky, but a little tight and stiff. Length wise it seems to be on the money. I’m 6’2 so i’m on the edge of MT anyway. Hopefully it loosens up with some sessions.
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    9’8” hollow wood log

    I love the idea of a log designed specifically for the patch if you were still in the bay I would 100% pick this up

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