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    Fishy Fishes (thoughts, advice)

    I’m your height and 30 to 50 pounds heavier, about average paddling ability. I had a 5’10 Anderson fish I could catch waves on pretty well and got rid of it for some reason. I’ve messed around on a friend’s 5’8 Russell fish and its possible to catch waves but more work than I really want to do.
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    Post Your Quiver

    9’8 Davenport 40-65 10’ Hansen. 60’s board, kinda pig shaped 7’10 Borland twin fin big fish Boogie board and swim fins could maybe be on the lookout for a larger egg that’s a little more pulled in, 2+1 as a confidence builder type board.
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    Where did all these "New Members" come from?

    I’ve been lurking for a while but figured I’d finally jump in. Gotta post my WTB- wavestorm threads somewhere!
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Surfed rincon for the first time the other day. Every time I surf a world famous wave I’m reminded of why they’re well known. Probably only caught 5 or 6 good ones but it’s enough to keep the stoke going for a long time. I was on the fence about what board to ride and settled on my 7’10 twin fin...
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    WTB Long fish type board Socal

    I got a custom 7’10 twin fin fish from Borland in Pasadena. 600 bucks brand new. Definitely garage shaped but it’s been a fun way to figure out a new style of board for me. Dm if you’re want contact info, he was cool to work with.
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    Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?

    I’m Riley- new here. Jake and Zack got good taste. Badass dead moon lam, icecreamheadache. Real rocker shit!
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    Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?

    I’ve been using the sunrise boardworks cub model. I brought my board in for a ding repair and Adam happened to be at the glass shop. Had this fin sitting around and gave it to me. It’s worked great for me.
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    Who is shaping/designing Nineplus boards?

    I’m with you. “Retro” suit doesn’t make sense but it does look pretty cool. My friend bought the suit, tried it on and the ankles both ripped so he gave it to me. The tear wasn’t along a seam, just in the middle of the neoprene. To be fair it was the smallest xxl suit I’ve ever worn so it’s...
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    Who is shaping/designing Nineplus boards?

    Had a nine plus long john- entire ass end of the suit ripped open when I was in the water. Pretty hilarious way to cut your session short in hindsight
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    I’ve surfed this same shape, just with G&S lams. Incredibly fun! Someone will be stoked with this thing.
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    Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?

    I’ve had a 9’8 40-65 for seven years- a lot of that time it’s been my only board. It’s held up well and the glass is bulletproof. Works in any size wave I’m comfortable surfing. It’s so insanely fun to turn this thing, I haven’t got sick of that feeling and doubt I ever will. I suck at...
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    Knee Brace

    You can get neoprene knee sleeves, they’re designed for weightlifting and they’re 7mm thick. You can find a bunch of brands on amazon, I don’t think you’d need to get any of the expensive ones. A cheap pair is like 30 bucks. I have tendinitis in my right knee and these really do the trick.