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  1. SharkB8

    Let's talk about....burn out.

    Ok who keeps buying new boards on the east coast? The curse of new board flat spell is getting rough
  2. SharkB8

    The Repaired Con Ugly and first ride report

    I want to play with coffee next. The sugar idea was in a surf movie. They just used it as a filler.
  3. SharkB8

    Let's talk about....burn out.

    Not much sympathy from the east coast. I think I’ve been out once this year. I had decided to try to put in more effort this winter. Go out on those not so great mornings. I only surf dawn on weekdays so time is not helping me. The local legend Frank has always said “Virginia, where swells come...
  4. SharkB8

    The Repaired Con Ugly and first ride report

    I meant to weigh it before and after. Did remove some old repairs and some sun cooked hotcoat. Tried a trick to put on the new hotcoat a little heavier than most people do now. It’s probably close. Would like a lesson on foam color mixing to get the patina right. Added some volan to get a bit of...
  5. SharkB8

    The Repaired Con Ugly and first ride report

    The fin was definitely a tough one. Don’t know if you noticed but before it was canted a few degrees. Took some time but it’s pretty darn straight now. Digging out all the bad repairs of mar-glass and whatever that white stuff was turned out much better. The tail kick up at the tail is what...
  6. SharkB8

    WTF is going on

    I honestly didn’t think anyone else would get it.
  7. SharkB8

    WTF is going on

    What color?
  8. SharkB8

    A these Dark Times.

    Another popped up today but I think you saved a couple bucks. Happy to hear you have it and love it
  9. SharkB8

    East coast board train thread

    I was thinking the same. What size is the 50/50?
  10. SharkB8

    Gliders- round/pin or swallowtail?

    I love my pintails but will admit my round pin is very smooth. I still need to try a 3 fin swallow. I don’t understand why it’s called a swallow and not a fish. Open for reasons. Longfish/simmonsfish I’ve heard of so many names but in the end I want them all. I believe a true glider must be...
  11. SharkB8

    New Board Day!!! Dane Perlee Osprey nose-rider

    6 months? Is that the wait now?
  12. SharkB8

    East coast board train thread

    I can grab the 9-6 for you and get it to gearnut. I just finished his custom paipo today and he’s been making trips here quite often. I’m looking to hitch a ride from Wilmington area towards Virginia. Nc John has a board for me.
  13. SharkB8

    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    I didn’t know that was you. Love those green baby future fins you made.
  14. SharkB8

    Mick Mackie flex fish

    That’s my buddy Chris. He has a couple of them. Still for sale from what I understand they are expensive and not that common. I can get you in touch with him if you want
  15. SharkB8

    Watch Thread: What’s on your wrist?

    I don’t know if any of them have the tide but I’ve just kept a eye out at Walmart and target for the ones on sale. Lost too many decent ones to spend much. Wife found one I really liked for $6. Used it for years.
  16. SharkB8

    Wanted! -*- 9'6 Takayama Tommy Witt

    Doug said it’s clean. 9-6 no repairs done or needed. I pm’d you the price if you want to keep that private.
  17. SharkB8

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Craigslist around here has been tough. I hate Facebook but the Facebook marketplace seems to be the new hotspot.
  18. SharkB8

    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    I’ve got $20 if you are hurting basenji
  19. SharkB8

    Wanted! -*- 9'6 Takayama Tommy Witt

    He posted in March of 16. Could be it. I’ll ask the early guy tomorrow who has his number
  20. SharkB8

    Wanted! -*- 9'6 Takayama Tommy Witt

    I don’t know where he got his. He’s had it a while. I can’t find his number but I messaged him on Instagram.

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