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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    Firewire already did this. And now there seems to be a big cluster fuck.
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    I have a Parallax on order a s was told a new shipment would be in with in few weeks. It is now been well over 90 days. Think there are some problems with the factory in China. Firewire is running out of excuses.
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    Is the Marriage between Thunderbolt and Firewire over? I got a pop up ad from Thunderbol technologies in Europe. Seems they are selling all the Harley Ingalby Boards that were made in China at a discount. There was a message from Harley, wish the Chinese partners good luck in the future. They...
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    Go for the deep Pockets. Class action against Firewire.
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    If you were to order a brand new noserider today, what would you get?

    You forgot Mayo. I have seen and felt up a couple of his boards. Have not had one under my feet. When I ask about how they rode most just got this dreamy smile and was one with the board and Mother Ocean. You hardly ever see a used Mayo Longboard Che up for sale. Those that own our hang on to...
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    How hard and frowned upon is it to get another shaper to change the dimensions slightly on another board?

    You could pay to have the Board scanned then run a design program with your dimensions. Of course there are people that have put a lot of effort into coming up with a well thought out Board. The original shaper designer would not be very happy. Fnd a shaper or even get in touch with the guy...
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    Old Mike Hynson Board

    ; A few years back one of Mike Hynson of down rail boards from the early 1970s sold at Action for $26,000. Airbrush by John Bredin and Pinlines by Peter St Pierre. I don’t know who supplied the Acid.
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    Old Mike Hynson Board

    Only manly he men are allow to touch that Board.
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    What model board are you selling?
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    You hit the nail right on the head. Firewire protecting their bottom line.
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    That does not look good. Might want to reach out to CJ Nelson and Yu Sumitomo. They might like to see this. Firewire is run by bean counters. They will pass this off as you said normal wear. If other speak out they just might take Notice. That is not normal If only some boards have this...
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    Surf Craft Union Surfboard Review

    Like you new studio. Nice graphics in the back ground. You wanted to know If Donald Takayama Shaped that Board? If didn’t sign the Modle T the board. Then it was not shaped by Him. He signed all his Boards and even a few of the Boards by his Ghost Shampers. Ask Jim Phillips.
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    Instagram Surf Stoke?

    Is kook of the day an Instagram acount or just your take on the topic at hand?
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    Can a 6'8" board be considered a big guy mid length?

    I was at Woodstock.
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    Can a 6'8" board be considered a big guy mid length?

    Maybe I just Hallucinated I was there?
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    Looks like the Guerrero and Colapintail won’t be line part of the CJ line up. He still shows them on his Page, However the Firewire Page They are no longer part of the line up. The Outlier, Paralax Neo Classic, Spout and Haven looks like they will be available. There are other Thunderbolt...
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    Custom surfboard color not what expected.

    Matt’s wife takes care of a lot of the business end of things.
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    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    I once was a very good customer f Sierra Trading Post. Then they were bought out by the same company that owns Home Goods, TJMax, Marshalls, and a couple of other stores. Right from the start the quality went down hill. There were a lot less out door equipment. Haven’t shop there n a long time...
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    Knee Hairs in the Wax

    You need to shave your legs.
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    Big Fins and Tail Rocker

    Did you check the fins in another Board? Is the fin box a Fins Unlimited fin box? the fin box might be too tight for the fins. Could be that the guy sanding the fins got lazy. I don’t that the rocker in the Board is the reason why the fins won’t fit