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    Boards for sale (blow out deals)

    I’m looking for a guy that doesn’t constantly bitch and moan. Cant find one here, guess I’ll move along. Lol. Eat shit
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    WTF is going on

    that was the first response I was waiting for no surprise here
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    El Toro Sailing school 10-12 years olds rescued by Santa Cruz surfers

    every minute a sucker is born
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    WTF is going on

    I used to go to the Longboards For sale section here and got excited and happy to see what people are selling. Nowadays is like reading the wish list of the salvation army WTS WTT WTB WTF ...... fuck all those wants to!!! it became a shit show of people wishing shit and writing it there why...
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    Alaska Air line - Traveling with a board

    best airline ever!!! I did bring some 10 ft boards from hawaii Actually, 3 in a bag used my charm at the counter, and it all went perfect. I think they charged me 30$ per bag
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    That’s awesome . Nature will take over and clean them up . Darwin was right .
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Just took a small Fuji camera and got into water to check on my daughters progress. And they kick asses!! Of course, at the best of it, camera battery died. Well, at least I got a couple of ones. The perspective from the water is a whole different game. No more huge expensive lenses. I am...
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    SOLD- Winter Wetsuit DEAL! Oneill Mutant 5/4- size MS - $55 - in RI

    Is going to a good cause And any of my kids will use it at some point
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    Rincon-PR / Navidad?

    I curse myself because I always do the same: bring shitty boards since I fear they will fuck them up on the plane So this time I brought 3 boards : two 9’06 longboards One takayama model T epoxy And a shitty PU pop out chinese crap Amd the third board , which was left for me after my daughters...
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    Rincon-PR / Navidad?

    Swell is being so good around here But even If it were knee high Warm waster Clear 10$ the bottle of coquito A no brainer
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    Rincon-PR / Navidad?

    Anyone will be around X-mas and new years eve? Hit me up. Feliz Navidad otherwise!!
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    Looking for a water housing

    if you have any spare housing, let me know, I am done with the go pro and fujis. I wanna jump into more professional pics of my kids thanks I have both bodies, Nikon and Canon
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    we all emailed him you are right, he got so many emails that now the price is 750 this time, is 200% our fault
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    Anyone want to go in on a box?

    you know my number get me the ticket !!
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    Scammer Alert. Members Beware: CLOSED

    Jajajaja I love that Who told you? Your wife Godammit Can’t trust anyone nowadays