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  1. surflax

    Fishy Fishes (thoughts, advice)

    Steve Brom search will yield some fish wisdom
  2. surflax

    Bruce Fowler

    Here’s to a much better year ahead for you Bruce. I hope you’re able to continue doing what you enjoy as well as passing along both stoke and knowledge. May time help ease your pain...
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    Watch Thread: What’s on your wrist?

    Seiko skx009 on a nato daily g-shock gulfman(has tide) as the back up
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    Single Yellow Fin

    Here's my SFY story: watch the film and think the concept as well as the surfing/travel is amazing - tell my brother in law about it and how stoked I was after watching- 10 months later go for a visit and he tells me I forgot something in the back bedroom - I go in and see a board bag, open it...
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    When Surfing is Unavailable...Coping

    Carver skate trucks and concrete parks may just be what you're looking for. At 54 I'm back at parks. Not doing anything above ground but pumping in bowls and finding lines with transitions is a great alternative to getting wet. Check out Evergreen skate park builders. They're no where near me...
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    Shout out to your local surf shop

    Bunger Surf Shop Babylon, NY is a classic local shop on the south shore of Long Island. Been in business for 50 plus years.
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    Careers and Surfing

    Teacher/lacrosse coach -Philly burbs - 1:15 from Jersey - summer coaching/recruiting is prime time so can impact time for surf - old house +Sr in HS + Jr in College= Limited water time but still check every day and know that I’ll get some soon... I hope
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    A little shipping guidance please

    Used Amtrak from SB Ca to 30th St Station before the shut down very easy and most affordable I did have Surf n Wear box/pack
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    Thnx for the heads up I always read their fishing reports. They are actually. The realtors my family uses up here so I’ll reach out to them for leads on a board. Mid week ahead looks promising...
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    Found my way to Nantucket for 2 weeks. No room for board on the flight so I have a mat, fins, and a 7 foot wave storm. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a decent board out here??
  11. surflax

    what's on your reading list..?

    Ken Follett "Pillars of the Earth" first book I really read for the sake of reading and proved to be the proverbial hook. It's the saga of a stone mason building a church back in the crusade days. Really amazing story...
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    Carver bearings

    I got reds for a set of Green Kryptonics 65mm and they seem just fine - use them on CX trucks & 31 Resin Deck - have fun!
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    So, for those who knew, or did not know, , , , , ,

    Congrats on the fantastic news!! A “good” when things all around have been going bad...
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    Other hobbies in this time of illegal surfin

    seeing that 1/4 pipe reminds me of this little gem from Nolesy, Sas & the boys:
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    Other hobbies in this time of illegal surfin

    Forgot t throw in two cents about skating and a plug for carver trucks. I know they've been talked about here, but as an old guy hitting double nickels this year they've been a godsend as I can't get to the beach. Flat land turns for 15-20 min does wonders for head space. When we get to move...
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    Other hobbies in this time of illegal surfin

    Got to this topic late but have done a bit of both fresh and salt fly fishing. I really enjoy/ed practicing the cast. Spent a lot of time on the front lawn to many a "WTF is that guy doing stare". Got into tying as well. It's fun to get that first fish on one you tied. Don't overlook warm water...
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    Urgent last minute Gathering

    So glad you got wet sounds like it was just what the Dr.(you) ordered thanks for doing what you do and serving the greater good
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    Just Board Pics

    Have fun with that carve I was thinking about that deck with the free shipping they're offering already have 2 sets of trucks they are so much fun 54yo and back in some park bowls with my 31" get the helmet
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    Tyler, 9’8 Point

    Beautiful and quite functional
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    your fave two LB quiver..?

    Two regular riders here are the yellow 10ft Tyler Point and the 9’6” clear triple stick Jim Phillips Phil Edwards model all bases covered with those two