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  1. Patrick Riley

    Looking For Fish!!

    Ha. Was going to post the CC as well. You guys are on it.
  2. Patrick Riley

    Post Your Quiver

    @NJ Longboarder if you have any pics of your Comet's and Nose Devil (Actually any of the Gene Shapes) handy and would like to share them feel free. If not, I'll settle and try to use my imagination to rub one out like when I was a kid.
  3. Patrick Riley

    Longboard finds - not deals

    It was a deal when it was listed at $700 a week ago. Then boom. It’s amazing how they can jump from one thread to the next that fast.
  4. Patrick Riley

    FS: 7’4 Mandala Delta V Twin

    Hopefully @KDenning was the speaker and he scored it. Stand up guy!
  5. Patrick Riley

    Bruce Fowler

    Thank you so much for sharing that heartfelt post Bruce. So sorry you had to lose her, but happy you had such good times together.
  6. Patrick Riley

    Post Your Quiver

    5'4 Lovelace Keel Fish 5'4 Album R-series quad (my daughters but I'm counting it) 5'7 Mitsven DH Fish 5'10 Mandala RPQ 5'10 Mystic thruster (Disco template) 6'3 Campbell Brothers Russ Short B3 round pin 7' Christenson C-Bucket 9'7 Christenson Bonneville 9'9 Cooperfish Nosedevil --------- 10'8...
  7. Patrick Riley

    Fishy Fishes (thoughts, advice)

    I'm 42 years old, 5'10 and 170lbs. My first fish and probably my favorite board is a very traditional 5'8 Mitsven DH fish with glass on keels. The board really opened my eyes to the speed of a twin keel and I think I remember someone explaining to me that a twin keel fish was really just two...
  8. Patrick Riley

    Longboard style masters

    Work ethic and surf ethic are closely knit here.
  9. Patrick Riley

    Channel Islands Midlength - Devon Howard

    Seems to be a common theme with the shortboard holdout crowd to try to substitute a CI mid for waves better suited for a longboard or maybe a mini-simmons. Come to think of it, I'm surprised there isn't a CI mini-simmons yet, wouldn't even have to convert the "I don't want a board over 6' crowd."
  10. Patrick Riley

    Fins for sale

    I'll take the trailer. DM sent.
  11. Patrick Riley

    Longboard style masters

    Saxon Wilson, his down to earth and casual but fun personality translate through to his surfing. Also really enjoying JJ Wessels surfing as well. Tosh Tudor is a great example of the proverbial apple not falling far from the tree. It's really cool to see a father and son surfing at that level...
  12. Patrick Riley

    Cost of color

    I think he gave up board building to become a shitty actor.
  13. Patrick Riley

    East coast board train thread

    You have a free place to stay in Jax and I’d be more than happy to show you around.
  14. Patrick Riley

    East coast board train thread

    Just a heads up. I started trying to standardize this process a little for people who have bought boards on my page and need help transporting them. I reached out and asked if anyone travelled the 95 corridor for work/trips/etc and was interested in getting gas money for the route they were...
  15. Patrick Riley

    11’-2” Liddle pathfinder SOLD!

    I know someone looking. Let me try to dig up who it was.. Unreal board.
  16. Patrick Riley

    Gliders- round/pin or swallowtail?

    B.B.C. - Big Board Curious? You heard it hear first, sorry, I just had to get that off my chest, the comment, not a BBC. I'll let one of the more knowledgable guys like @JBorbone weigh in on the tail comments, but I think the term most appropriate in this situation is "Swallow" it's less...
  17. Patrick Riley

    Post Your Quiver

    Slap my ass and call me Sally.
  18. Patrick Riley

    Longboard finds - not deals

    I have someone driving from Palm Beach up to Ormond beach that is willing to transport if that would help you out.
  19. Patrick Riley

    WTB: 7.5” fin for C Bucket

    I have a 7.5 Volan Frye in my 7' C-bucket and like it just forward midpoint of box. Just another option to the 4a. I have been playing with that fin and have an 8" 4a as well that I haven't tried yet.
  20. Patrick Riley

    2020 Holiday Raffle - Custom Glider/Longboard

    So basically, go big or go home? Within reason....