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  1. dingpatch

    The Repaired Con Ugly and first ride report

    So, so, sweet!!!!
  2. dingpatch

    Fin Buzz/Hum

    The fins are OK, it's the boards that are No Good! LOL LOL LOL
  3. dingpatch

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to ya'll.
  4. dingpatch

    East Coast fish shapers

    Larry Mayo's work is impeccable and beyond reproach!!
  5. dingpatch

    Newbie's board restoration

    Get a decent random orbit sander. The 5 inch Ryobi from Home Depot is pretty good (it has a good backing pad for the sanding discs and will not over-heat too easily. I had tried a Black & Decker and it turned out to be a POS). Buy good paper, and plan to stick with the same brand throughout your...
  6. dingpatch

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to everyone. Thank you! I'm spending today with my Springer Spaniel girl, Princess Carlee Ann. I had to go to the VA Tuesday to have my chemo port flushed, and get an injection of B-12. While there my PCP asked me to please Not do ANY social mixing, with anybody outside of my...
  7. dingpatch

    Big surf, far from beach, and a broken leash safety tips.

    Way back when, , , , , we never said "it" but, we all understood that if you were not physically capable of swimming out to the line up, and then back to the beach All On Your Own, you had no business paddling out in the first place.
  8. dingpatch

    Dingpatch fins of 11-25-2020

    Kook, sorry but no, Somebody in Colorado bought it this morning on ebay!.
  9. dingpatch

    Surfy Surfy posted Board Porn! This 1980’s Takayama Dale Dobson Step Deck model is in cherry condition (NFS).
  10. dingpatch

    Dingpatch fins of 11-25-2020

    still gots #1
  11. dingpatch

    Big surf, far from beach, and a broken leash safety tips.

    My 300 cents worth, , , , , The ability to "swim" is so over-rated. LOL LOL LOL Moved to Satellite Beach (South Patrick Shores) in 1958 about 1/4 mile from the beach (I was 7) . I was already a pretty good swimmer but, got involved with the AAU at Patrick AFB. My father put in a pool in the...
  12. dingpatch

    Where are all the Hobies?

    Generally, it would have been shaped by either Mark Johnson or Terry Martin , then signed by Hobie. I had a Hobie Alter Model, 50th Anniversary edition, which was released before the Series 2's, and it was signed by Hobie but, not shaped by him.
  13. dingpatch

    Where are all the Hobies?

    As a note: the eBay "Hobie Classic" in Miami was not shaped by Mr. Alter. Hobie signed them but, he did not shape them.
  14. dingpatch

    A simpleton's problem The Best Travel Mugs BY MIYE BROMBERG PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 When you’re on the go, a travel mug can be your best buddy—or your worst nightmare. METHODOLOGY Test eight...
  15. dingpatch

    A simpleton's problem

    From Cook's Illustrated: Caffeine Content of Coffee: Dark Roast vs. Light Roast Which contains more caffeine: dark roast or light roast coffee? Coffee beans are roasted to different degrees to produce specific flavors, but whether the process affects caffeine level is a question many of us in...
  16. dingpatch

    1967 9'10 Bing Nuuhiwa Pintail Lightweight

    The board sucks. But, I'll give ya $50 for it. OK?
  17. dingpatch


    27 1/2, 6 1/2. Woods are from center out: USVI Mahogany, Maple, Cedar, Pine, Cedar, Pine. Tail block (in to out): Wiliwili, Black Walnut, Wiliwili, Hawaiian Koa. Deck is epoxy with fine industrial crushed glass for grip. 29, 6 7/8. Woods are from center out: Cherry, Pine, Cedar, Pine...
  18. dingpatch

    A simpleton's problem

    I like my coffee the way I like my women, , , , , , , , , , , , Hot and Bitter. Recently began skipping the cream and sugar and, , , , , , started using sea salt! It enhances and improves the "bitter" component of coffee. Pretty good so far. Oh and, this morning I used some of my smoked Celtic...