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  1. DJR

    What are you driving?

    Stoked. Waiting for her to tell me her name. Capt Frankie our Old English Sheepdog, a distinguished gentleman of 12 approves. Added front license plate so easy to find in a parking lot. Great call @SeabassMan
  2. DJR

    Longboard finds - not deals This thing has become an ad within itself ! And exponentially higher priced!!! Like a space time physics experiment going horribly wrong
  3. DJR

    Longboard style masters

    Josie and Karina
  4. DJR

    Hobie Mini Legacy

    I think Mike at CB still orders from Hobie Availability though ...
  5. DJR

    Painting Flex Fins?

    Outstanding!!!! on all counts !!!
  6. DJR

    Post Your Quiver

    As Nature does abhor a vacuum it’s has already been filled by said handplane though I do admit to loving my 7’2 APE...
  7. DJR

    Space Time?

    Excellent artist in the traditional sense Boards are rad but man his line drawing pen and ink sketches are simply wonderful That said I’d like to draw some lines with one of his boards
  8. DJR

    A these Dark Times.

  9. DJR

    6’0 Mandala Arctail Edge Board

    My APE has 8.5 It’s 6’4 so probably 8 though 8.5 would be fine too Really don’t want to over fin these boards Not a forgiving design when this happens in my experience
  10. DJR

    6’0 Mandala Arctail Edge Board

    Powerblade is crucial Hype is real
  11. DJR

    Gliders- round/pin or swallowtail?

    Swallow and fish are two different styles Similar looking and if not mistaken swallow came from fish though I believe I saw a pic from the fifties of Butch holding a sub 8’ swallowtail looking board at one point though we all know where fishtail came from and swallows smaller. Others can...
  12. DJR

    Gliders- round/pin or swallowtail?

    rounded pin all day on glider proper
  13. DJR

    Where did all these "New Members" come from?

    Me like outline
  14. DJR

    Where did all these "New Members" come from?

    Absolutely man. Respect
  15. DJR

    11’-2” Liddle pathfinder SOLD!

    Brotherhood of the Hullhead I see
  16. DJR

    Where did all these "New Members" come from?

    For what it’s worth I bought my favorite fin from Albert of Seasick in his place in Amsterdam before the beautiful shops opened. Great guy great city ... man I miss travelling
  17. DJR

    East Coast fish shapers

    And your right it ain’t a bad deal for a Lost but that being said I’ve had fish. Good fish Will have fish again. Just interested in specifically an east coast version though IMO the fish works as it Just curious about any offshoots on our side of the Mississippi
  18. DJR

    Where did all these "New Members" come from?

    Pics please! I don’t even know what a Frozen Dafodill is
  19. DJR

    A these Dark Times.

    Brother shout it from the rooftops!