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    Longboard finds - not deals

    how is that one glassed? Seems like Blinky typically does double 6 which my bony knees don’t like.
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    CJ Nelson San Juan?

    I've just seen a couple of the prototypes for sale on the surfboard collective, but I'd like to give it a try. I'm curious to see how it would compare to the somewhat similar Guerrero, which I have ridden extensively and love. From Ryan's instagram it seems like this is going to be one of the...
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    4th gear flyer mat

    You're right. I surfed it once more and realized it was fine. Except I was on the phone with my Dad afterwards and he said he wanted it. So I'll be reordering the Omni anyways.
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    4th gear flyer mat

    Ordered a couple weeks ago from Paul Gross and received this mat yesterday. In my excitement to grab some stomach high barrels yesterday I took it out before realizing I had ordered the wrong model. This is the fatty model, slightly wider than his “standard” mat. Weight range 150-200 lbs...
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    Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?

    Let’s see a photo of that spoon. I’m planning on an order from Renny. The man shows no signs of quitting, but time is a careless thing.
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    Andreini Stoke

    Sounds like a blast. Was that a used score or a custom?
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    WTB 9’9 Parallax

    Bump, I’m also looking for a used 9’6” or 9’9” if anyone has seen one on the west coast.
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    11’1” Thick Lizzy Glider $1050

    How does it compare to the vaquero? I have a 12’1 glider finishing but was thinking about a vaquero in the 10’6” - 11’ range
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    11’ Crime glider, this one is mine. Jammer discount if interested.
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    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    forgive me if you deal through here, but I don’t think the Frye tax goes this high.
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    SOLD 7'10" Michel Junod speed egg

    Bump and price reduce
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    Christenson Bandito?

    I just got one of these in 10" for a somewhat similar pig and so far loving it. Can snake and jive around more than some other pivots I've tried. The 4A works for everything, but just in case you want to try something new.
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    I'm glad this isn't closer because I'd be spending 1300 bucks.
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    Wetsuit Dryer

    I haven't tried the one you linked, but I have this one. I use it literally everyday I surf; I hang my suit over a large PVC pipe outside to drip most of the water weight off, and then put it on the hangair in my...
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    SOLD 7'10" Michel Junod speed egg

    SOLD Got this custom 'Carver' model recently as a step up from my longboards for bigger winter surf. Unfortunately a little miscommunication during the order and it ended up slightly more narrow than I'd prefer. Surfed it four times; beautiful board and beautiful shape with volume through the...
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    Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?

    Sent my deposit in June, so just over 5 months.
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    Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?

    Bringing the thread back since I’m so stoked on my new custom I need to share. Just picked up my new noserider, 10’ x 23” x 3 3/8”. Classic weight foam, double 10 oz deck and 10 oz bottom with his big laps. He had another board ordered around the same time in which the order fell through, he...
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    New noserider ideas?

    Wayne is one of the greatest longboard shapers bar none, and Hank is a master craftsman. Either would be great. I’m probably biased, but if you’re looking for an noserider that reflects the golden age of longboarding, I would hit up Adam Davenport. He’s up in Ventura but his attention to...
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    WTB: Davenport Noserider or The Thing

    Just a head's up, I talked to Adam the other day when he told me my board is ready. He said right now the custom time is around 6-8 months.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    That's Tupi's Bing, from the Longboardarian podcast. Good dude.