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  1. soul_glide

    Just Board Pics

    Crazy 8s quiver refresh l-r 8'0 Maurice Cole Reverse Vee Twin 8'3 Mabile 2+1 8'4 COS Devo II
  2. soul_glide

    Beach House Fall Classic Boardswap

    Kudos again to Eric and the Beach House crew for the hospitality and friendship! Scored a killer COS board that's got magic mojo by Tony! Thanks again Eric for making it happen!
  3. soul_glide

    9-2 Bonzer E-Wing Longboard $OLD

    Central Long Island towards the south shore
  4. soul_glide

    New Board Ideas

    I've ridden an 8'0 Fowler Fountain of Youth [FOY] at OBSF, which is a crazy beach break, and it was very solid...all the things Bruce describes about the NVM hold true! I think the FOY is part of the evolutionary lineage of the NVM, but Bruce knows best. If you're near Sea Girt NJ, they may...
  5. soul_glide

    New Board Ideas

    Rode the following during the past few swell events in Central NJ, and they are my current go-to boards when it gets big... 8'0 Jacobs 211 2+1 setup 8'2 Mitsven Magic Bonzer 2+1 8'6 Erie Peeples Super Fish thruster 8'10 Ricky Carroll TMM quad setup Common thread among these boards is the rocker...
  6. soul_glide

    car shopping question Jetta sport wagon

    FWIW...I have a 2013 VW Tiguan [maybe larger than a Jetta built on the PQ46 mid-size platform], and I can just fit a 9'9 Jacobs 422 deck down with the nose on the dashboard snug to the windshield. The front passenger seat on the Tiguan folds forward flat which makes it easy to slide a board in/out.
  7. soul_glide

    Quarantine...Positive Notes

    For those of us on the Jersey Shore, fresh fish available in Point Pleasant. Support local fisherman and their families!
  8. soul_glide


    Junior Seau RIP
  9. soul_glide

    Quik Highline Plus Hooded 5/4/3 NWT Size L

    Water temp still low-40s in the's your chance to get wet without getting cold! Got a Quiksilver Highline Plus Hooded 5/4/3 NWT Size L [Quik sizing says 5'11-6'1...170lbs-190lbs, but I'm 5'10...165lbs and it feels tight on me in the upper torso...I wear a 42R jacket] Jammer price ask...
  10. soul_glide

    Stoker V machine - Fowler or Anderson?

    Hey Bruce, What are the full dims on the 8'6?
  11. soul_glide

    Channel Islands Midlength - Devon Howard

    Kinda looks like a Tak Howard Mini...hahaha!
  12. soul_glide

    Tool-less fin device.

    Cool...maybe made by a 3D printer? The boards look killer also!
  13. soul_glide

    Fowler V8, Andreini McVee, others?

    Felt pretty secure riding an 8'0 FOY on pitchy steep OBSF
  14. soul_glide

    Beach House NJ - Annual Fall, Old School Boardswap -October 13th

    I'm down for posters...will acquire at least 1 if you bring some!
  15. soul_glide

    Just Board Pics

    Very rad! What's the hydroplaning theory? Looks TOMO-like.
  16. soul_glide

    Winter suits..... anticipation

    Score an 5/4 Xcel Drylock on The Clymb today only if they have your size...
  17. soul_glide

    Surf Funk...please help

    This looks kinda fun... Happy Birthday DT!