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  1. Patrick Riley

    10’6 Josh Hall - le Sliviar (St. Augustine FL)

    This is posted on my IG page, but going to post here too. Not mine but I can put in contact with seller if interested. -info copied and pasted from my page- 10’-6” @joshhallsurfboards 10’-6” X 22” X 3.5”(max) Le Sliviar Glider This super refined Glider is the result of a nearly 10 year...
  2. Patrick Riley

    New 9” TA 4a dark blue. - SOLD

    Brand new, placed in a fin box but never used. Comes w/ sleeve. $65 shipped CONUS.
  3. Patrick Riley

    Travel Bag for 5'4 (or +) fish in West Hollywood/LA area?

    Anyone have a decent single fish padded travel bag that could be borrowed for a week or sold at a decent price? Monday I'm going to ship a 6'5" boardbag to my sister-in-law to fly a Lovelace fish I bought off of @Couch but I figured if someone in the area had a better option she could borrow for...
  4. Patrick Riley

    Looking to trade 9.75 4A for a 10.5 4A

    Willing to toss a little cash. The 9.75 is Candy apple green and in 9/10 condition. Not too picky on color.
  5. Patrick Riley

    WTB - Cooperfish Nose Devil in 9'6-10'ish range

    Looking for a Cooperfish Nose Devil in that range. Have wanted one for 20 years and upon just selling a longboard I wasn't jiving with. Decided to try and see if there is anything out there.
  6. Patrick Riley

    True Ames 2.6” single tab fcs (smoke)

    Like new condition. Used once. No scrapes, nicks, bumps. I tried looking up price to come up with #. If someone knows new price and it’s lower I will adjust. $40- includes shipping in continental US.
  7. Patrick Riley

    Fins for sale - variety (w/ floral arrangements for visual pleasure)

    6.5” Smith Parish smoke color full base single. Like new, maybe two sessions. $45 shipped (Sold) 8.5” Rainbow TK Flex. 6/10 condition (couple scrapes) $25 shipped 10” Fibre Glass Fin Co smoke color 9.5/10 like new. $55 shipped (don’t think this one will fit in flat rate) I’m available for...
  8. Patrick Riley

    Contest on my East Coast swap page.

    Contest with some pretty cool stuff in the prize package on my IG page. Check it if you feel like it. @eastcoastboardswapandsale Just trying to grow the following of quality contributors. Like always, if this is out of line - moderators feel free to delete... helloooooooo.
  9. Patrick Riley

    Shipping from East Coast to Japan

    Does anyone have any experience? I have had multiple buyers reach out with interest on boards in Japan but not sure what the best option is, I have looked into freight companies, fedex etc. But Longboards usually exceed the basic parameters for shipping at least from a non-commercial entity...
  10. Patrick Riley

    Size Large front zip Vissla 2mm LS top.

    Jacket was worn once last season. Never peed in, I promise. Size Large, Vissla's size chart says 170-190. I'm 5'10 and right at 170 down a few pounds from last year. This should fit someone in the 175-185 range perfect. Paid 109.95 + tax new. Cheapest I found online on sale was 69.95. I'll do it...
  11. Patrick Riley

    Herniated disc/nerve impingement.

    I herniated a disc in my neck C7-T1 with nerve impingement at a house fire a while back and I've been out of the water since Oct. I'm trying to be patient and hoping the physical therapy will work. I wasn't exactly smart and tried to do a quick fix with an epidural injection to get better before...
  12. Patrick Riley

    East coast board swap/sale IG account

    I created an Instagram account w/ non-disposable hand-shaped specific surfboards in mind. In hopes of making board trade/sale connections for east coast surfers. If you are on IG feel free to follow, share with friends, post your board. there is a mint 9’10 Tyler throttle and A 5’10 mandala...
  13. Patrick Riley

    I overcame my mid-length crisis today.

    I posted this on my IG @prizzle_78 but I figured it was worth a share here. I think this 7’2 Mabile Honey Badger may have just changed surfing for me; If not a full change — at the very least a new door cracked open. For the longest time I’ve ridden longboards, shortboards, fish, never...
  14. Patrick Riley

    Mabile Honey Badger fin recommendations..

    I just made a cross-coast impulse purchase of a twice ridden 7’2 Honey Badger. Lucked into a buddy flying back from LAX tomorrow who’s picking it up. My quiver has no midlengths. I mostly longboard small stuff and shortboard bigger days with a 5’8 Mitsven DH fish to change it up. Not sure if...
  15. Patrick Riley

    Anyone going to Jacksonville/Orlando from LAX in near future?

    looking at getting a board in HB. I have a friend who could pick up and store who lives in West Hollywood.
  16. Patrick Riley

    Replacing a glass on with a fin box?

    I have a Christenson cc slider I acquired with a beautiful glass on D fin. I had another cc slider I loved with a fin box. This one was in such good shape I went ahead with it. I don't hate the D fin I just feel like I could add versatility with a box. But I'm torn. I know it's been done...
  17. Patrick Riley

    Andrew Kidman films.

    Looking for access to- either temporary (borrow) or for sale. Ive looked around on E-bay and amazon. Looking for Litmus, Glass Love, Beyond Litmus. Any help appreciated.
  18. Patrick Riley

    Quality LB rental in NW PR?

    Will be staying in Rincon with wife and 2 kids from 12/26-1/4. Haven't been to PR in a long time so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm bringing shortboards with me and don't want to risk travelling with one of my logs. Does anyone know a place that has decent single fin selection down there...
  19. Patrick Riley

    Skip getting up early, no Frye for you. G&SDAMNIT!$%#

    So. Last Sunday, was the first chance I had to sleep in a little in a long time (Fire department job and two young kids.) I always get up early and check the local craigslist whilst sipping coffee, decided to snooze a little longer. I guess I should have got up on normal time. Found this board...