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I ran across this, thought some of you might find it interesting. George developed this 35mm housing for the filming of Big Wednesday, would hold 400 ft of film. So many contributions to the sport.
I just did a minor restoration to a board from a builder I know nothing about...

The board came from a shop in Ventura ...

...it's a 6'8" SF pin-winger...


Anybody know anything about Homegrown...???...

Thanks in advance...
I bounce around on that site to kill time. anyway was viewing a spot called "the Cove" on cape may. don't look like it gets too big, but I like the lay out. kinda a left point break. anyone here familiar with that spot ?
Looking for a 9'0. Can't seem to get in touch with any of the dealers listed on the Andreini site. If anyone can help out that would be awesome! Very excited to finally put in an order for my first Andreini :)
What fin/s do you typically ride in your vaquero? Anything magic that's been working for you? Any feedback is appreciated!
A friend dropped off a board for me to repair. It’s actually a board of a friend of his and my friend didn’t know it was epoxy. I’m not too familiar repairing epoxy boards. I’m not even sure it’s open to the foam, it looks cosmetic to me. Is there a good way to test that it’s open? Any instructional videos or tips on doing the repair? Thanks for any input. 7ECBB78C-75A3-491A-9BAD-CD273B3FA394.jpeg
Been looking around for mid-lengths as I'm selling my 7'0" because I felt like it was a big shortboard for me. I know shape plays a large factor into it, as the nose will definitely be more pointed and the tail more pin-shaped. In terms of length, I'm worried that an 8'0" may feel more like a longboard. 7'6" maybe the perfect size, just looking to see what insight jamboards has to offer. Thanks!
Hey Jammer friends!

After nearly 5 months off the forum, I'm stoked to be back online. I took a hiatus from the forum simply because my mind has been elsewhere.

Since April we've been in the time-consuming process of moving our life from NJ to FL, relocating jobs, selling old cars and getting new ones, new pets, moving into a new house (getting 32 big heavy surfboards from NJ to FL isn't easy..), building out a new shaping bay, amongst other exciting/stressful/time consuming things.

In some exciting surfing news, I'm building surfboards again, and to a WAY higher quality standard than every before given my new setup. Additionally, I have partnered with some extremely skilled young loggers to help me refine some of my models to align with my vision of how they should be ridden.

Finally, after feeling somewhat "settled" for the first time in memorable history, I used the "forgot password" link and signed back on. Very stoked, and I'll make sure I reply to all the unanswered messaged in my inbox as quickly as possible.

Really psyched to get back in touch with everyone on here, and I hope everyone has been safe and healthy this summer. Yeww!

Below: some snippets of why I disappeared from the forum..
IMG_8078.JPG IMG_8064.jpg IMG_8030.jpg IMG_8168.jpg IMG_8106.JPG IMG_7980.jpg eo9a7341.JPG IMG_8201.jpg