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Just noticed the price on FUWAX. $5 a bar? I haven’t had to buy much wax in the last few years but does this belong in the crackhead section? 7249E378-25B0-4441-8428-85AA77A770D0.png
My wish is that everyone here has a a lot of love and laughter this season. Oh and all your Boards be magic..
Safe travels...good food..rest..enjoyable time with family..friends..loved ones..
And some clean glassy waves...with a few friends..

Simibang Gabi..ends tonight( Misa de Anquinaldo..for your folks in PR)..*
Misa de Gallo..my wife's family( my mom's family..mine.. Buddhist)...now a part of ours..

So i end by saying a quiet prayer of love and peace to all.

And some clean..semi empty waves..with a few friends...

* we had a beautiful mass & feast last night..lechon..pancit.lumpia...bibingka..leche flan..pan de sal..etc..
And of course karoke...with ukuleles
New(or probably used) car purchase coming up soon. Sequoia is nice but the V8 is a bit thirsty for CA prices. Wondered if a 4Runner could fit a 10’ Noserider inside it(glassed on fin). I often surf before work, so I need a vehicle that I can lock up my board in.
took a run by my old "first surf shop" while in town

frog h 2.jpg
I see this guy on CL and apparently they care carry them at seaweed and gravel. I was curious if anyone knew anything about them. They are very affordable, so before I go check em out, I thought I might hit you guys up. Happy holidays!
Just got my 7’10” from Ryan and will be running a Lovelace 8.5” volan center fin. I’m curious what you Lizzy owners are using for your side runners. If you’re using the Bonzer 5 bites, are you running the 2.37” or 2.75”? Any advantage to the hexacore fins over the regular fiberglass fins? Do you have any experience with other fin types such as Frye bites? Do you prefer the single fin setup in certain types of waves? Any input is appreciated.
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