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Have any Jammers ridden one? Looking for a ride report
9B446390-7B89-4DE2-ACA4-1A2EF7E14A20.jpeg April 26, June 24, ??? Unfortunately with everything that’s going on, and the number of people that attend, we need to move the date again. We are not giving up and will let you know as soon as we know. Make today awesome!
I currently ride a 9'4 Bing Mr. Rodgers model dims are roughly 23 x 3 nose 18 x tail 16.5. For me, it is by far the best longboard I've ridden and I intend to keep riding it however it's showing its age and I want to add another board to my one board longboard quiver (excluding my glider) to split time with with and hopefully extend the life of the Mr Rodgers a bit. Im looking for something with similar attributes slightly pulled in nose and tail, wide point back a bit, pinched rails and nose concave. What do you guys think? Other longboards I've ridden are the takayama pig & NR2, Anderson farberow 2 & brothers Marshall, cooperfish flexpig, Jim Phillips pig, Hobie Uncle Buck and Bing feral pig. Any and all advice appreciated.

Description of Mr Rodgers from the Bing site below.

Designed in collaboration with Bing rider, Mick Rodgers, the Mr. Rodgers is a Nuuhiwa/Rick Noserider-influenced noserider that is designed for ample lift while still maintaining forward trim speed and turning ability. The blended concave creates smooth noserides and control on the tip, and the slightly pulled in nose fits snugly in the pocket. The gradual curve in the outline compliments the turned-up rail-line in the tail allowing loose smooth turns and more control when setting up for noserides. The slight roll in the bottom and flatter rocker creates smoother transitions and improved trim. The Mr. Rodgers performs in a variety of conditions but excels in points and beach breaks, especially if there’s a little punch.
Anyone else deal with this?

My back is getting progressively worst. It’s constant pain, Physical Therapy appointments, and medication.

Its getting to the point where I can only ride longer boards cause I need the full support for my body.

Worst is I’m only in my mid-thirties.

Stretching before and after surfing seems to be the best so far
I'm curious if anyone loves or hates these? I have a wide-tailed CJ style log and a Heritage and Tyler Warren pivot and Greenough, but curious to try something different. They're not cheap so appreciate anyone's feedback before throwing down to experiment. Thanks!
Here we go gang! EB581464-A7CC-43E9-9304-A215FB347353.jpeg 8C6C0D6F-4204-45D0-85A7-82DD69A35BAC.jpeg EB581464-A7CC-43E9-9304-A215FB347353.jpeg 8C6C0D6F-4204-45D0-85A7-82DD69A35BAC.jpeg Brand Spanking new master work by our own Ding Patch.
How are you guys mixing up really small batches of polyester resin for say pin line work? Small graduated cups, syringes then into a cup? Are you doing the catalyst in percentages, cc's, or just approximating?

Select the question that you would answer “yes” .
Would be interesting to see if the looted boards, from a shop in Santa Monica, pop up here on the board.

Looks like a couple of Takayama mid-lengths.

Check the latest kookoftheday IG post to see what I'm talking about.

Ugh :mad: