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I always enjoy these threads and haven't seen one in a while. I justed picked up the new Modest Mouse and Big Head Todd & the Monsters. I have also been listening to the Stone Roses a lot since seeing the movie "24 Hour Party People" - which is a great film for any fans of '80s music.
Maybe we should have a longboard.net forum weekend at san-o,s this summer. So we can all get to know each other and surf together. Even though i am in Texas i would be willing to attend. Its just an idea. What do you guys think? boss
If you could pick 5 boards to make up your perfect quiver, what would you choose?

1. 6'6 Merrick Flyer

2. 6'0 Harbour/Stamps, or Rich Pavel Twin fin

3. 9'4 Harbour Simms

4. 9'8 Takayama "in the pink"

5. 10' cooperfish nosedevil

6. 6'2 Merrick singlefin egg/or 6'6 campbel bros bonzer
It seems to me that there may actually be many more people worldwide who skate than surf, but the surf section blows out the skate section in sheer participation. Could it be that surfing holds deeper interest across the board, or are skaters just generally a more lame lot of blokes........?

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hello out there....
there's plenty of towns not near any water where there's not a wave to be found.....we ride concrete waves.....where are the longboarders?
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Who do you think is the greatest SHAPER? My pick would be Doug HAUT of SANTA CRUZ
....especially empty lineup shots!

this is a South swell hitting one of the points south of ensenada. this was my first Mex trip. Paddling oput for the first time, I was so stoked on the beauty and just being there that I felt like I didn't even need to catch a wave for it to be a good session.

now lets see if this attachment thing works....

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I was chatting with an old-timer this weekend and we got to talking about how surfing changed over his life time. I was asking all sorts of questions, about the local areas, board theory, etiquette, et cetera. It was really great to hear him speak of the changes he's seen. The most interesting point he brought up was how much leashes changed surfing, more specifically bigger winter surf. He talked of how back in the day on a 12 foot day only the best of the best would be surfing (b/c the kooks would be swimming).

I guess I had never really thought about it, but on a 12 foot swell I might see 30-40 guys in the water. Most of those guys sit around in the middle of the pack and chat away about the new paint in their kitchen or how they caught their kid smoking pot. Without leashes these dudes would probably be watching from the cliff (I would hope for their sake).

I'm not trying to start a kook chord, leash, no leash arguement, I'm just intrigued by what this older guy told me and thought I would share it with you all. I wear a leash 100% of the time when it's over 4 feet, sometimes I rely on it (12 footer breaks two yards in front of me) but most of the time it's my backup/safety net.