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When will the mainland east coast see it's first temps in the sixties? Speaking of which, I wanna hear from the most hardcore among us...the ones who don't care how cold it gets, or don't have a choice. Warm water rules!
Has anyone here heard of riot boards? It's three people, one cuts and sands, one paitns and one finishes them. If you want one I can hook you up! I'll post some pictures in about a week!
Lets start kicking around who will attend the 2nd Sano weekend. Silversurf and myself are already talking about it . bob
ok, so i know the tuna and python and all the jam boards will be plugged BUT

i have seen some on craigslist in my area for $100 and want some opinions as i know very little about them..

i'd like to get a longboard to skate on and mainly practice cross stepping and just fun freestyle... i'm not really looking to bomb downhill or anything...

i could get this sector 9 for $100, practically brand new...


or a choice from some different 'soul boards' for $100


what can you all tell me eh?

i don't have a lotta cash to throw down and just want something soon... maybe down the road i can spend 300 on a python or something...

thanks in advance
Okay, I've been surfin for about a year now and I regualary visit the Santa Cruz beginner spots and have been to Pacifica a few times. What is the deal with the line ups can anyone help me. When I hang back and watch for a while all I see is a glob of people and then when a set comes in 5 random people start paddling; when I'm out in the line it seems even worse. In Santa Cruz people just take the wave paddle back out and catch the very next one and give you a look if you cut them off.

Any advice would be great. Should I just paddle out and go for it even when I don't have the right away on some freak who just caught a wave prior to the one (s)he is hoggin. Is there an order to "the lineup"?
Has anybody seen the interview with Daize Shane in surfermag. If u didnt, she states that she is a republican and voting for bush again. i could care less what party she is or if she is voting for bush, but she sounds so closeminded or out there for her reason for voting for him..her main reason is because the president prays and is religous..that is soo funny...forget the environment, war in iraq, and etc..anyway, i could rant for for another 10 paragraphs, but that was just a thought...sorry i brought politics in here, but everything revolves around politics...no matter what u do
A little extra style never hurt anybody. What do you think portrays the essence of great longboarding style? (techniques, maneuvers, postures, etc...??)

I am mostly thinking in the realm of traditional longboarding, but it would be interesting to hear input regarding progressive styling too.
It's always interesting to see what everyone else has in their quiver. Feel free to add commentary about the boards too. Here's mine:

  • 9'4 Yater Spoon (Excellent! Great work, Renny.) [/*]
  • 9'0 Stewart (2+1 fin setup, fun on big, clean waves, definitely my beater board) [/*]
  • 6'3 Basic Element shortboard (my dust collector) [/*]
  • 5'10 Basic Element retro fish (Larry Mabile twin, fun and fast as hell)
But I should still mention my very first board -- I sold it two years ago, but I now wonder if maybe I should have kept it now since I like my fish so much:
  • 6'2 Jeff Crawford singlefin (wide and thick like a fish, but a pretty narrow tail with a slight swallow and wings... very old school... circa 70's?? I'm not sure.)
Personal stats: I am 5'8, 150 lbs. I surf in New Jersey at sandy bottom beach breaks. I often surf at a pier with relatively consistent waves peeling off the end of the pier.
I am interested in hearing about the dimensions of peoples boards that are over ten feet long. What do you like or dislike about it? I am going to order a longboard soon and my first priority is getting a big enough board for some one who is 6' 4" 280lbs. I normally ride my shortboards, but want to get this board for small or mushy days. Of course i will talk it over with the shaper (which I have not chosen yet) , but I just wanted to get some ideas first.
Check these suits out! They added 2 new pieces - long john & short john!

I just wore mine today & they're Super Smooth!