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Long time back, on that "old" bulletin board, somebody started a thread asking what sort of work we all did. Are ya'll interested in trying that again? I got to thinking about this when some posts lately contained specific work comments:

Bruiser started a topic with "I'm 43 been livin on the beach in St Aug Fla for 8 years now,im a bartender have been for 21 years now"

MeltdownZ offered "VP Financial Data Service & Insurance Technologies (Fortune 100 company), Former owner of $1,000,000+ construction company (Sold so I could move South), Owner of various other smaller companies."

Most recently, WoodD stated, "I love having a 6PM to 2AM job. "

Let's see what sort of response comes in this time..........

As for me: Started 30 years ago, with an engineering degree, for an oil company on the Texas coast. Then joined a firm to do business and strategic consulting, going back to school at night for finance classes. Still doing the same thing today, have been a part of several different firms along the way; worked by myself for a few years. A year ago I took a position with a UK-based consultancy, working to expand strategic consulting assignments in N. America. Now I have bosses again, and people that I am responsible for. Damn! My ability to sneak off to the beach or anywhere else depends on what sort of clients and travel I have at the time. Throughout, never lived more than a few miles from Houston.
I have a great relationship and great boards from my local shaper that

I am happy with. I find though that I get caught up

in the glassing, color, who is riding what end of things. Seems to me

the shape is what its all about not how pretty but admit I am guilty of

wanting what I see in the magazines and DVDs. Is a surfer better off

with marketed Big Names or a great local that listens ?
As I watch the rain pour down and screw up Doheny even more, I got to wondering who has had the biggest impact on surfing the since the 1950's. My first thought was that it had to be someone from the early days, but the more I thought about it, I realized that it is probably Joel Tudor.

My choice is based on the following… Joel Tudor most likely has more hours in more videos than any other surfer out there so he has most likely been the most watched… he has been the most out-spoken champion of a traditional style of surfing, (even with his one fin, one God, etc statement while riding 2+1) and, IMO, changed the direction of longboarding from the early 90's… which makes the last reason even more remarkable, IMO, he pioneered the current interest in returning to the retro shortboards, (even back in the Seedling days he was riding retro shortboards).

So who gets your vote... besides the obvious cast of characters who post here
Hi all,

First hello to all, i got this link from Silverfish. Here is my official server for you guys to download longboard movies if you feel like watchin some s**t to get better or laugh or whatever.


Enjoy and feel free to email me back at fgaetan@6ixdegres.com

This server is updated regulary, so dont hesitate to come often to get new stuff. Especialy now that the streets are clean...lots of filming comin up. A 45 minutes movie will be available at the end of this summer. Keep in touch!

If you guys need ANY kind of advices, let me know, maybe i could help.

Dont hesitate to leave a comment, but if you go crazy on me tellin me its S*#t you might as well get a feed back from me! HAhA! So please, if you dont like it and wanna tell me, be constructive. Longboard culture brothers!!


F aka Fabrice Gaetan
When will the mainland east coast see it's first temps in the sixties? Speaking of which, I wanna hear from the most hardcore among us...the ones who don't care how cold it gets, or don't have a choice. Warm water rules!
Has anyone here heard of riot boards? It's three people, one cuts and sands, one paitns and one finishes them. If you want one I can hook you up! I'll post some pictures in about a week!
Lets start kicking around who will attend the 2nd Sano weekend. Silversurf and myself are already talking about it . bob
ok, so i know the tuna and python and all the jam boards will be plugged BUT

i have seen some on craigslist in my area for $100 and want some opinions as i know very little about them..

i'd like to get a longboard to skate on and mainly practice cross stepping and just fun freestyle... i'm not really looking to bomb downhill or anything...

i could get this sector 9 for $100, practically brand new...


or a choice from some different 'soul boards' for $100


what can you all tell me eh?

i don't have a lotta cash to throw down and just want something soon... maybe down the road i can spend 300 on a python or something...

thanks in advance
Okay, I've been surfin for about a year now and I regualary visit the Santa Cruz beginner spots and have been to Pacifica a few times. What is the deal with the line ups can anyone help me. When I hang back and watch for a while all I see is a glob of people and then when a set comes in 5 random people start paddling; when I'm out in the line it seems even worse. In Santa Cruz people just take the wave paddle back out and catch the very next one and give you a look if you cut them off.

Any advice would be great. Should I just paddle out and go for it even when I don't have the right away on some freak who just caught a wave prior to the one (s)he is hoggin. Is there an order to "the lineup"?