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I got my brand spanking new hunt noserider ! the heavyweight is possibly one of the best board i ever ridden... pinched rails but not too much, super responsive out of the bottom turn and very solid while noseriding...
it's also really fast down the line ...
i highly recommend you guys to try one out if you have the oportunity...
My color and tiger stripes design came out flawless... i love the vintage feel of it... And gregg was very pleasant and communicative thru out the whole process...

<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c90/bambasound/HC1520.jpg" border="0" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket"></a>
How are you fellow east coasters dealing with this flat spell? I haven't surfed in about 3 weeks and I am starting to get cabin fever. I am sick of projects around the house and Home Depot is cutting into my surfboard funds. When will this end...?

For anyone not sharing in my pain, check out http://www.joemac.net/SurfCamPage/SurfCameraPage.html Lake Atlantic doesn't get much flatter than that.:X:X
So I won a Cooperfish Nose Devil on ebay and its in San Diego and Im up north near San Jose. Im wondering if the good folks of this BB might be able to help a brother out with getting it from Encinidas to somewhere within a few hours drive of me. San Lois Obisbo would be ideal but Id drive as far south as Santa Barbara or Ventura if thats what it takes. Im open to any and all suggestions(regarding this undertaking) and am just trying to avoid making the 8 hr drive to get it. The seller says he would drive it up to LA so I fugure thats a start. Ill cover gas, buy you a burger, let you have the first ride.... Anyone? Anyone? :)
post a pic of a surf spot, see who can guess its name/location

I'll start.

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I don't want to start any rants about civility in the lineup or when someone deserves a pounding or not. It's just that this video struck me as so funny that I wanted to share it with you all. The little kid is my favorite, simply hilarious.

Big snow in the northeast! I wanted to go surfing tommorrow morning but I'm not going to even be able to get there. 8-12 inches of the white stuff. Hope you guys closer to the coast get some good waves tommorrow. :)
'63 - '73 what I "did" was Surf, but never made the tranisition to Short Boards easily. (6'4" 210lbs)

'85 bought a Modern Longboard surfed 3-4 yrs.

2005 I'm Back, don't think your gonna notice one more surfer in the line up. (unless I cut you off :?)
Lets start kicking around dates . silversurf said you can book at san mateo in march i think. boss
Here's a question - what's the story behind everyone's screen names?

I'll go first: I used to have bumper stickers made a few years ago that read "walk the plank/ride a longboard." Stopped printing them since I went through cars pretty regularly then, but the moniker stuck: walking the plank. So, there you go.

Anyone else?

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