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Sorry for the non-surfing related post but I really don’t know where else I could easily ask this question. I found this US money in a pair of jeans I bought at a secondhand shop yesterday. Just wondering if it is still valid currency in the US as I see the new notes have colour in them.
Cheers. AE01AFAF-3010-466D-AE1B-2901DADD1AE4.jpeg
This is very sad news. The legendary Shaper/Surfer Ben Aipa. Has had a Stroke and has 4th Stage Dementia. There will be an Auction of 30 of his Personal Boards to help pay for some of his medical expenses.

Worthy boards and a worthy cause. Maybe have an island jamboarder hold it for you until your next trip out here. Ben's boards are especially good for us bigger boys who like to get in waves a little sooner than our guts usually allow.
6 FT DOUBLE ENDER FABRIC INLAY 2020.jpg New thread getting away from that V Machine stuff because........... this is a "BFDE" not the 'other board' that I've become too infamously known for. Never considered myself a "One Trick Pony" which BTW, the ponies I've met in my life are full of tricks and sometimes downright nasty.

So with that, let's move on. The Double Ender isn't exactly the same dims at Nose & Tail, but the Planshape is close enough to award the name. The outline is a Parallel curve so to speak which provides rail length and release at the same time. Subtle Single to Double Concave - nothing extreme. These boards are what I consider very "Neutral". It's interesting that Derek sent me a msg last night with pix of an "Assassin" that Roger Hinds does (or has done in the past. They're along the same lines with a planshape that harkens back to circa 1970, somewhere along the lines of MP thinking. Roger is one of the select shapers I respect. He has designed some of the best blanks for funshapes & eggs for U.S. Blanks. I use the "H" series on a regular basis for handshaped customs.

BF Poster Boy aka Brand Ambassador, Derek Thomas has settled in Nicaragua for the past couple months nixing the grander plan of hooking up with a former Big Wave Aussie legend in Mentawais for a "tube riding clinic" due to the Covid Pandemic. Commercial jetliner flights have been cutback during the current crisis.

The two Double Enders I've done for DT are 6'0" & 6'8". On the 6'0" Derek wanted to try something different so I set it up with a Twin Fin configuration & optional 10" Single Box Center fin box. It can opt as a 2+1 if he is inclined. Derek LOVES twin fins, and that, along with riding it as a Single Fin are his #1 and #2 intentions.

The 6'8" is set up primarily as a Tri Fin. Derek isn't a big aficionado of Quads, albeit he might blow his mind if he was faced with wickedly fast long lined up hard to make sections. Anatomically, quads are faster down the line than a tri fin...
JUNE 28th!!! IT’S ON! With the state raising outdoor gatherings to 250 people on June 22nd, we were granted permission to run the Boardswap! We will do our part to make sure that social distancing is in place and necessary rules are followed. Stoked, to say the least! #summerboardswap E2410A80-9F25-482C-BBBA-BC1454C846F8.jpeg
I just got a text..from him he is in santa cruz...and will be resuming delievering...
Up and down the coast....yes!!!!
"I offer the McVee as the spiritual successor to those original boards. The longer ones have wonderful nose riding capabilities along with excellent turning. The shorter ones just have fabulous trim and turning capabilities. At any length the boards are designed for 2 foot 6 foot waves that would generally be favorable for a long boarding. However these boards are more maneuverable and faster than a longboard and in my opinion a lot more fun."

Dedicated nose riders got a little stale for me after riding them exclusively for a while. The Mcvee sounds like a great noserider with whippy midlengthy notes... Wondering if its only got "wonderful nose riding capabilities" as an afterthought, or if the average joseph can really work on getting up there.
What fin for a Hollingsworth 50/50- 9’6. 10” 4a?

A cousin just got one, want to get a fin as a gift.

I was going to post this in Longboard (not deals) but I wanted to ask y'all if you had any info/stories about these boards. I've never heard of Miller, but I'm sure somebody has. Apparently this board is a 'wall hanger' and any other Millers found in the wild "have been at museums". I'm super curious about the paint job on that board (and what's underneath it). Anybody have some info, or anybody curious in this board? (Not mine).