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not having much luck on the board train

Trying to get a board up from NC John to RI

Any assistance appreciated
I'm originally from California, moved to Nebraska five years ago for work, and now to Pittsburgh roughly two weeks ago. Have all my boards and gear, and thinking of making a trip to NJ for a few days of surf.

That said, I need some help on where to go and the best places to surf. No issue with crowds... Used to surf lower trestles, Malibu, Wedge, Newport Point, etc. Uncrowded would be nice but really looking for where quality waves are. I have boards for anything from a clean point to reef to beach break. Just need to know what to bring. :)

Anyone interested in teaching me the ropes for east coast surf? If so PM me, and I'll respond with my phone number and we can chat.

Anyone try one? I like the environmental ethic too, though I have my doubts about how it would pan out long term. Move in the right direction though.

Looking for rider feedback on the Cali Square and PK Speed Shape....anybody have anything good or bad to say? Wave preference, etc...
Greetings Fellows from the beautiful beaches of NJ

Sorry its has been so long, I have been very busy with my family, which is a great thing, just haven’t been posting as much... but still lurking!

So- my question: how much $ would you list/expect for the following board on CL?

I am usually very good at listing a fair price, but this one has me stumped for 2 reasons: 1. It’s a pop out and 2. It has been painted.

I’m still considering selling it, I don’t surf it often enough and would like some extra $ for a new board. If the board only fetches 100, I may has well hold onto it since I do like riding it on certain days. I just have other boards I like better.

Anyways, it’s an early 60’s Malibu. I painted the board since the bottom was ugly from years left in the sun. I used oil based enamel and a similar process to painting a car, not a rattle can. so the paint is thick and nice.

It also has an odd bulge on the rail, but I can never tell it’s hindering anything when riding.

Anyways, I would be interested in your thoughts! Thanks!

D01716BD-8478-4921-AA3E-0C19F1D81B67.jpeg F4CBCE84-CAB9-46B6-A0CD-EE2A0CA18BE1.jpeg B95C3AC8-910A-4BF5-BE6A-5DC63A02A721.jpeg E4B0A93C-A76B-428E-9CA2-564A8DD7C901.jpeg CE82A15C-4D79-43EC-B15C-431BBFC92CA3.jpeg
Alright, I've committed to a Rhode Island trip this Friday- Saturday. I'll be staying in hope valley. Making stops in Tiverton to see @cuda , then Wakefield to see @Salinity, and finally a stop in Little Compton... @kpd73 @LittleComptonSurfer care for a cup of tea?
My parents decided to give me a new board of my choosing for my birthday. They said to pick any one I wanted, don’t worry about cost. My choice was an easy one...my dad’s custom 9'6 Hansen he got in 1963 and still had hanging in his garage. He was thrilled to give it to me. I surfed on this board well before I finally got my own board that was short and looked liked what all my friends were riding in the 1988. Polished it today and threw on a new coat of wax. I know the Superlites, Powerflexes and Masters are considered to be Hansen’s best boards, but this one just stops me in my tracks. Clocks in at 24lbs, 2" balsa stringer with surprising refined rails for 63’. The fin is a work of art.[​IMG]
Im doing some repair on a board. In one spot I needed to remove glass down to the foam. There was a little foam loss in the process.

Can I use household spackle to even things out? Is there a better option?
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