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Could the Santa Cruz locals come get this nut job and take him back to the West Coast? He embraces the "positive" side of gangster life? Really? Just what the Rockaways need.

Perhaps we should do this with a list of points surfed (supported with pix when possible), then a reason why your choice is at the top of that list.

This ISN'T a "what is the BEST" thread. Its a "what is YOUR favorite" thrad.
Has your idea of the ideal surf buggy changed over the years? I always went big (Chevy Tahoe was my usual). Now I am into a small crossover (Nissan Rogue) that gets 25 mpg and is still comfy on my 50 year old bones after a long session. Bigger seems wasteful to me now. I also am thinking about restoring an old VW bus so I can ride in real style. What do you drive to the beach?
I am interested in why certain surf shops have an "inviting" feel and why some do not. What characteristics do you look for in a surf shop?

hello longboardnet friends,

desperate times require desperate measures so i'm working on a new project to keep things light and fun. we're shooting a 2010 cooperfish calendar, planning a calendar party/board show, and a no reserve live auction for the boards and cool stuff associated with the project. i'd like to have the party during the longboard net sano gathering in sept09 somewhere near that event since so many of you are in town at that time. any input?
i've been keeping this under wraps 'cause i wanted to make sure it was a go. we're having a blast making the boards and shooting the photos! since we're now on a deadline some customers boards are being grabbed and used in the shots before going out the door. a shot with Ripcurls green MF is already in the can!

It's that time of year again for the 11th annual spring swap/sale on Tres de Mayo!Anyone wearing a sumbrero or brings me a tecate gets $5 off any board I am personally selling. You heard it here first.

In front of:
Beach House Surf Shop
517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
Bay Head, NJ 08742

If you know what you are bringing, post it up here or email/PM me. It is easier to create interest when people know what will be there. As always, expect plenty of longboard, vintage, retro, some shorties, etc. Some really good deals to be had.

Beach House is kind enough to provide the location, but takes no fees, commissions, etc. All deals are made directly with the seller. Bring your gear and a blanket, board bag or something to lay it out on the concrete sidewalk and driveway. I will be providing free burgers and dogs again, but if anyone else wants to bring something to throw on the grill have at it. We ran out of food last time (can't complain when it's free), but there is a deli a few stores away.

Sometimes when the surf goes flat, I dream about tropical reefs, and sometimes I even get motivated enough to turn those daydreams into some form of art. Here are a few pics I drew recently that are surf-related, so I thought I'd share. I hope you like 'em! The first is oil pastel.

Attached files
lots of folks have taken heavies on the forum, and i'm interested in just what has crappened to you.


1. broken neck - guy fell on my head from 15 feet
2. knee: torn PCL and lateral collateral ligament from doing stuff
3. hernia repair from doing stuff

i want to hear some real horror stories.

maybe in this way, we can all harden the fuck up.
Hearing stories of limp wristed surf industry guys topping themselves due to lack of sales reminded my of the time honoured tradition of hanging tough.

True stories only, surfing related lifestyles only.

The gauntlet is down: We did it tougher than any of you, and your worst stories are a 5 star hotel holiday compared with ours !


I remember some chatter earlier about moving the dates around. Did we ever arrive at a date that works for most?

Does anyone know when the campground begins taking reservations?

For anyone who is renting a VW camper, get them early as he was all booked up for our gathering last year.

Ned, are you doing the permit this year?
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