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Say what you will but this guy makes some great boards.

So I posted a couple of boards for sale on the forum. First sale went off without a hitch. Great buyer super friendly we talked story. It was the way a sale should go between two forum members.
The second not so great.
So a forum member was interested in another board I was selling he definitely wanted it. Time went by didn't hear from him then he said he had family problems. I said sorry to hear that will hold the board till you work things at. I agreed to meet him an hour and a half away from my house.Great then he was concerned about the rocker could I send pics sure. I asked him if he wasn't getting "gun shy" I told him I didn't want to make the drive if he didn't want the board. He said no I want it see you at 12:00 today. I get to the place at 12 no buyer 12:30 no buyer I call I text no reply. I get in line at SanO our meeting place and tell him to meet me. Never showed. Took 3 hours to get home in SoCal traffic.Still haven't heard a word from him...that is being a totally.."DICK" !!!
Forum Members let's be straight up in dealing with other Forum Members in fact with everyone . If you don't want something say it . Don't be a "DICK".
Sorry for the rant ...I CAN'T STAND "DICKS"
Had partial replacement of right knee last Friday at HSS in NYC...great doctor and staff. Walking independently now, swelling down, PT starts next week...hope I can get back in the surf in a few weeks!:dude:

Gotta' get the stoke back...

*spoiler: Pliny takes it all!
Reward offered, no questions asked. Please, please keep your eye out for this and if seen call me (760) 717-4028. I DO NOT have money to replace this board. Thanks_Nick

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I'm thinking of buying a cheap/old van that my longboards fit in. Targeting under $5k, not too far over 100k miles. A Honda Odyssey or Mazda MPV are on the main target list so far.

Any opinions or experience with these or others? (as a surf vehicle and maybe comments on reliabilty with high miles)

Anybody know how big a longboard will fit in a 2000-2003 Mazda MPV? (my longest is 10'4" and I want to be able to fit this inside okay).

Thanks in advance for any opinions or info.
9.8/24/3 ... so rad.

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My girlfriend has been begging me for a cat for a year and I kept saying no. She finally took the liberty of getting one yesterday while I was at work. When I got home I was pissed that she got it but I decided to give it a chance. Its huge like seriously 15 pounds and not de-clawed, its a beast. So it starts scratching our new suede couch yesterday and I go to get it off the couch by pulling its tail and that's when I got assaulted. It hissed, then clawed its way up my body to my face where it got two good scratches in. After that it got 3 more on my back and 1 on my leg before running away. my girl is mad at me for pulling its tail so it gets to sleep next to her in our bed now. I want to surf the next three days but every scratch has yellow in it and they're all red and kind of oozing a clear liquid. Is this ok to go surf? I've surfed with scabs and cuts but not this many with that color. Thanks :)

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A lot of boards seem like they overlap others. 9'7 Isis ....7'0 single fin .....6'2 keel fish
collection pics

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