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12"0 Frye eagle
7"10 Andreini Serena
7"10 Lovelace v bowls
11"2 Mitsven Magic
10"6 Frye Gypsy
Hit me up via PM for pics and prices.
Thank you , CSS
Anybody see this guy? One of the Waikiki/Ala Moana locals who is visiting Cardiff By the Sea. For those of you visiting the islands soon, those are the board shorts all the good surfers are wearing now. Don't paddle out in anything less. [​IMG]
So much fail in this article.
I am selling a bunch of fins, an Indo Board, Skim Board, and Fin Racks. Most fins are brand new and some are slightly used. Please PM for prices. I can ship fins at the buyers expense as long as it fits in a flat rate box. This will be my first doing that. I would prefer local sales. Link is below as well as prices for some of the items.
12' GP (Palandrani) $850 or Reasonable Offer
10'6' Cooperdesigns Malibu Foil $750 Firm
10'4" Hunt El Gato $750 Firm
7'10" Cooperdesigns V1 $900 Firm
Wooden Fin Racks (2) $30 Each
9' Cooperfish Hornet SOLD
9'5" Cooperfish V2 Not for sale
8' Cooperfish VPin Not For Sale
Saw the posts with Tyler and EC and have noticed some correlation in my day to day....

So, it seems the economy is coming back strong. What's your take?

My wife and I are looking to get some significant remodeling done, and after calling five contractors, only one has returned a call in a week. He can't make it over to look at the projects for two weeks because he said he is very busy. Seems crazy, but I guess it's back to normal here in the ever so dirty south ;)
Will be in Hermosa Beach until noon tomorrow (3/4) then heading down to North County SD for a few days so if you live anywhere in between and are interested I can swing by. Fully functional not-a-log that allows for great controllable noseriding and turnability.
Brand spankin new. Not a single ding, scratch or otherwise. Fin not included. $550
Check it: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/spo/4916167971.html
So I emailed EC a little over a month ago about ordering some boards. He responded promptly and we exchanged a few more emails. Then all contact stopped. I've been calling, emailing, and even resorted to instagram comments but nothing. Has anyone had a similar experience or have any idea what's going on?
In search of a Hansen pintail in the 9' range +/- a few inches. Looking to trade my 9'-8" Hobie Garry Propper in very nice condition ready to ride. Expect any trade to be in similar condition. Would also consider a mini 50-50 in the 8' range. I am possibly open to other pintails vintage or otherwise ( I like my boards heavy and wide). I would prefer east coast, only because I have no clue about shipping.

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