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Hey everyone,
I've poked around online, looked through Swaylocks, etc. and cannot find a place to purchase a set of marine ply thruster fins. Keel fins up the ying-yang, but no thruster set ups that I can find.
I did find a quad set at http://teleostfins.com/ but the last post on their blog was from 2013 so I'm not sure that they're still in business.
I could make my own from scratch, and that may end up being what happens. But I'm curious if anyone might know of a store bought option.
My son brought this back last month and I'm not going to use it anytime soon. We've used it for two boards with pillows on a CR trip. Holds boards up to 9'6".
Great for shipping boards coast to coast.
i was curious if any of the older crew has had any experiences with mini Simms type boards? I was considering getting 1 but think it might be too much of niche type of board. I am 56 surf EC beach breaks - weekend warrior mostly. Was afraid it would gather dust between my LBs and boards for juicier days. Any comments ? Suggestions?Thanks Jim
so just got a text from a buddy in Long Beach who is putting the 7'11 custom Andreini he got from me last summer up for sale.
It's a Serena variation(one off) - round pin, + v panel. It's around 2.75-3 thick and perfectly foiled. This board works unreal in 2' to as big as you want. Sanded bottom gloss deck full bells and whistles tint and pins. has some repairs all pro done.
comes with fin (4a) and bag
@ $600

for folks in the north east we can likely board train it up to RI near the end of the month.

He'll get me some more pics soon but for now.
this is a pic from when I first got it.
I'm looking at buying a set of Lokbox thruster fins and curious if anyone had a set they'd be willing to part with? I'm in San Diego and can pay via PayPal.
P.V. doing its thing.
Ugh. I hate having to post this sh!t.

Beautiful creatures, but you better believe I would high tail it back to shore if that were me.