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Mine are the round Cooperfish lam, the Boss lam (oddly, I'm not a big fan of the huge, fits-the-entire-nose Boss lam as many Boss riders are but the smaller ones--8" or so) and lastly, the second Hunt Customs lam.

Yeah, the Hunt was loosely based on the Surfboards by Phil (and other "wave" lams of the 60's), but I think Gregg's was the best of the bunch. Anyone have any info on Gregg? I know he went back to school years ago (post-grad microbiology, as I remember), but I've not heard hide nor hare about him in going on 10 years. Used to run into him regularly at FP, but it seems like forever.

Your faves?


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Question: If I told you I wanted to create and build a "surfer's" surf shop what would it look and feel like for you? What would you want in it?
sore this pic on a dealers web page...theres isn't a description... so before i email Marc...i was wondering if anyone here has one or has any info about the board... like type of wave its designed for,is it a big hull?

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Big & stormy around Boston today. Should be clean later in the day through early Sunday morning.
You think this particular comparison works while showing them on two different waves?

Should be interesting

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All but 2 booth spaces are filled and it should be rad.
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