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So, I know there used to be alot of the old crew on here that had an annual San O weekend every year. Many of those guys have left or just lurk now, and that is a bummer. Many of us on here have met and surf together regularly or occassionally. I was curious if other members on here would be interested in putting together a San O day at all this year? I know there is the Pig Luau that many attend, but was thinking how rad a San O day would be where we can switch boards and just put names with faces and catch waves. I tried to set this up before previous years, but no one would commit. Any interest?
Whos the originater?
What are they?
What do they do?
Where do they excel?

From what I gather they're long, they glide, and Roy loves them.
From pilgrim surf/suply
Zipperless, Japanese wetsuit. Worn 6 times. The one in the middle of the pic.

It's too hot for me.

Retail was $380. Will take $200 obo.

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Other goodies as well on Quicksilver.com, 40% off clearance items if you use EXTRA40, free shipping as well.

I went outside this morning to leave for dawn patrol only to find my hatchback open and the board gone. I live in Los Angeles. Please keep your eyes open for this board. It's a 9'4" DANC noserider. Thanks.

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gives nod to Warrior1515 - Dave
more story here:
After a terrible winter of snow and construction in front of the shop, Eric is looking forward to the summer and the swap. We have to push the date back a little in hopes that most of the construction out front will be complete. Hopefully the later date helps with foot traffic and sales. Support your local businesses and stop in and buy something.

Sunday, June 1st

In front of:
Beach House Surf Shop
517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
Bay Head, NJ 08742

As always, expect plenty of longboards, vintage, retro, some shorties, etc. Some really good deals to be had.

If you know what you are bringing, post it up in the thread and/or shoot me a PM. I will get a list together and post it everywhere I can. See you there.



Hi all... just hoping you can clear up something for me. I believe Tyler shapes and glasses all his craftsmen boards but wondering who shapes and glasses the Tyler Series boards.. does he still shape them?
Any help much appreciated... I have emailed them direct but not heard yet and patience isn't one of my best virtues... sorry!
Thanks in advance for any info you can share...
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