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pintail 9 5 pig. I'm attracted , don't know why.

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Thinking of going soon

Any info would be very helpful
Happy birthday brother :p
Im curious. I felt one and they feel really good, but if they don't last, I am out. The Matuse I have now has really lasted, but damn they pricey. Any experience?
Got a mint condition yellow Greenough 4a for trade. Scratches on base from being in box, and it's been surfed a few times by a friend, but otherwise Clean! Pic of actual fin won't fit but image is same. Ideally I'm looking for this 6.5 Shapers bonzer fin-


I will settle for another bonzer fin of equal radness. Let me know what you got! Thanks.

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After watching the "involvement test" video* that was recently posted, my urge for mastering switch stance is rumbling back to the surface. I think I'm willing to risk kooking out on many waves to give it an earnest attempt. Last time I was on a skateboard, I was fairly decent at going fakie, so hopefully I can channel that a bit and make the transition to switch.

That said, who's good at it? Anyone want to share some tips on how they made it work (and look good)?

*Said video: https://vimeo.com/124277188
In case anyone is interested.
Would love some help from the JB community with this one...
A non-surfing buddy of mine in Connecticut told me his uncle passed away, and wanted to see if I would help him find a buyer for an old longboard he had hanging on the wall.
Turns out it's a gorgeous mid-late 1960s Jacobs longboard. 10'ish, never restored, and in absolutely stunning shape. Single stringer, pintail, wide laps, original glass-on red fin, virtually no yellowing. Three tiny pressures dents, some scratches on the nose, and a one dime-sized ding. Very cool "flower pattern" glass patch over the Jacobs lam on the deck. The board even has the "1968 City of Newport Beach Surfing Permit" on it!

This is just about the cleanest, unrestored 60s log I've seen outside of the Surfing Heritage Museum - a true time capsule. Looks similar to the Jacobs "Takayama Hawaii Model" template, but I'll defer to the expert opinions of the wise men and women of JB for that kinda stuff.
I don't know where to begin with pricing it, so if you're interested, PM me with an offer. No trades, please - the owner is not a surfer. Board is in CT, and I can personally arrange drop off between Maine and NJ.

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So stoked on how these are coming out .....

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