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I know this is a surfing froum and not a music forum but good lord, ye make some fucking epic music in Texas.
Still in a heap this morning trying to go to work.
Last Monday I saw explosions in the sky and then last night I saw ...and you will know us by the trail of dead.
Two of my favourite bands of the last 10 or so years and to see both within a week.....stoked off my chuck :)

Both bands were absolutely awesome live. To say they give it everything from start to finish doesn't come close. The energy from both bands was just amazing.

Really giving thought to getting to sxsw next year.
Anyway, anyone from Texas ever come across Jason from trail of dead on the water? He was asking about the surf in Ireland last night.
After going through many sunscreen products from cheap to really expensive that one that works for me is Banana Boat Baby. SPF 50, doesn't sting eyes, relatively inexpensive, and seems to last pretty well in the water.

What stuff are you using?

I also like hats. Has anyone come up with a surf hat that wouldn't make me look like the kook that I am even before I get in the water?
Is anyone surfing one of these at present? or use to in years gone by? Ive been researching the whole 67-68 Short board revolution era, when the plastic machine vee bottom boards went from 9ft - 8'6 - 8'2 - 7'6 almost overnight. This one is an ozzy shaped Gordon Woods 8'2, similar to what Nat Young was surfing when riding for Gordon Woods. Any feed back would be great please. Maybe you can post a pic of your plastic machine vee bottom?

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I see a lot of boards listed for sale on here these days. If you had to pick one of your boards that you are definitely NOT putting up for sale -- a board that you're going to hang onto no matter what -- which one would it be? Why? Photos highly encouraged. I'd like to see some interesting/beloved boards.

For me, it's my Weber Pre-Performer. It's not the world's fanciest looking board, and it's got its share of dings and brown spots. I got it through a board trade with my ol' lady's dad. It was his board growing up in the 60s, but he has since moved on to more modern, lighter boards. I don't even mind the drilled fin. The board feels like it's got a story behind it, and I like that. I definitely couldn't get rid of it due to the family nostalgia factor... but even besides that, it's just a really fun board to ride. Really nice on the nose. Every time I paddle out on it, it makes me imagine The Byrds (or whatever other circa 1965 band you prefer). Plus, I think the fin looks pretty neat.


(Yes, I know every board has a price. I'm just trying to stoke up some surf conversation and get some eye candy flowing. So, let's see 'em.)

Who's got one that's not for sale?
Okay, so there must be some folks here who own or have owned several of the different shapers' pig shapes. Like Gene, Jim, Bing, Stamps (okay, I've only seen Nick's posted so I don't know how many he's made), Austin...

Some are probably very true to the old school roots, some modernized...

Some are producing different models (blackbeard versus flex pig, for example)

What might a rider look for in a shorter or longer Pig? Why go long, why go short...

Fins - Dfin or more G4A-ish like I just saw somewhere (but can't remember where - wasn't it on a Coop?)

Compare and contrast?

(beyond starting the thread, I have nothing to add... sorry)
Thinking my next purchase will be in the 10' range. Interested in hearing what people are riding ... board porn always welcomed.
So I am the manager of Liquid in Rehoboth Beach, DE and I am playing around with the idea of having a swap meet. There wouldn't be a charge for space, no percent taken, completely free and just a good time. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in it and what date would be the best for everyone. Is June okay? Let me know what you think so I can make this the best I possibly can!
Curious to know what you all think is the fastest longboard... I suspect it would be something with little to no rocker and flat nose without concave.

Tyler Wingnose? Phillips Blue Max? Peck Penetrator? Hynson Redfin?
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