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"Stained Glass Rainbow" (abstract sunset on ocean)
mixed media on reclaimed farm house wood
33" x 17"
Ideally can deliver / be picked up in greater Los Angeles area. Note - I can ship, but it may cost $50 - $100 due to large size & weight of wood panel
Thanks for all the encouragement with my art! I have had a tough time finding steady work in my profession this past year, so every little bit helps.
Happy surfing. :)

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Any feedback on this fin from those who have tried it?
Just picked it up for my son's board. It holds in solid with no play. Works in any s fin box. We'll see how it holds up.

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looking to see if any of you vintage guys have a first gen FU fin in your stash that you would be willing to part with?
These are the fins that were in Wade's thread. Link to pics of fins BELOW. Prices are in the file names. Everything is plus shipping. Big fins are $13 priority mail shipping and 3 or four can go in a box. Small fins are less than $7 shipping and 3 or 4 can go in a box. SHIPPING PRICE IS ONLY TO LOWER 48.

Big Island Fin Designs and Big Brown fin with tip issue WON'T FIT IN THE PRIORITY MAIL BOX, THOUGH.

Will try to give preference to people who responded to Wade's thread. Won't be able to get back to you till tonight.

I'm sitting here waiting for the boys to get up so we can invade the pier for the morning sesh. It's got me thinking. Is there anything better than sharing the gift of stoke with the next generation? I really enjoy watching the young ones get up and see the look on their faces when the truck is loaded and dad is ready to jam.
Recently purchased this board here and rode it twice. It rides great, but I have other single fins that I like better (7' CI machado 2nd gen). I'm willing to take a loss and sell for $550., its in great condition. No dings. 2 or 3 small pressure dents on bottom and normal heal dents on top.

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Starting at 1 pm today (Saturday March 7) Sterling, Wade and I are having a huge surfboard sale at his house in San Clemente on the bluff. Here's a list of SOME of the boards Sterling is offering:8.8 Anderson Farbrow 1 surfed 3 times 700; 9.8 Peck Penetrator - shaped by John Peck for Robin Kegel signed on stringer - 800; Terry Martin 9.0 Bass-Boat sparkle red w/turquoise stripes surfed twice - 725; 9.2 Tyler Warren Jazz dbl-ender mint glass-on fin 675; Vintage Olympic Pig 10.0 huge wooden glassed on fin incredible shape -450; And many many more (I bet there are at least 10 more).
I don't know anything about these boards. Sterling is straightening things up at home and I'm at middles taking pictures of wade salty and nedsurf.
Wade has 10 or so boards he is bringing and I have some cooperfish and other boards that will be there.
Wade or I will post pics and prices of those fins for sure later this morning.
I may sell my 2003 Toyota Matrix and replace it with a 2004 Subaru Forester XT. Any 2003-2008 Forester owners out there and if so, what is the longest board with fin that will fit inside? Other feedback on the model itself?
Thanks in advance.
Hey guys
Looks like there's a chance we will be coming back to Ca in July (fingers crossed!)
Tentative plan is to have about a week from landing in San Francisco to make our way down to Santa Barbara at the beginning of the trip.
I've got a 10 year old girl and a non surfing wife. Just trying to get a handle on what they are going to enjoy seeing in / around SF and on the way down the coast.
Ideas anyone?
(GT you around mid July?!)
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