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Anybody going to this? Thinking of swinging by after the SDSFF Stokefest...


Info: View or bid on vintage surfboards, hang with the legendary, and check out great art, too. General admission is $10 and you get to hang all day. Bring money for food and beverages too and wear layers, it's indoors/outdoors.

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there will be a quiz[​IMG]

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I am looking for old photos of surf shop store fronts for my blog and future articles

I would like your help with:

1. Photo of Surf Shop storefront

2. Location, a little history
a. Surfboard Brands
b. Their local Shapers

Your sharing will be super for all see, learn about and drift off to a wonderul part of all of our lives!

This example is from my buddy Tom, The building is gone!


The blog today something to really think about!

Keep Surfing da Coach

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I now offer a new model "Equalizer". It's the best noserider to date.. Stamp it! This thing rides a different line than anything I've seen, it's weird looking.. But dang... Crazy long noserides, the board just matches wave speed, fast or slow. I have limited pics of it right now but am building some stocks and NOW TAKING ORDERS AGAIN! It is extremely easy to ride, just get on and noseride, no setting up, no stall, no wait, just noseride... Until you feel like doing a bitchen turn!

Check it out at...


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Hey Jammers,

A few of us were on a mission to get a bigger turf grass mat for changing after seeing a buddy's 20x25...looked on line and at all the local big box hardware stores as well as manufacturers and none made sense monetarily. Semper ended up frustrated and bought one of the 20"x 25" ones available that retail for $30 right when i finally found a source so he took it back and now has one from me(a gift, as he has stored up a lot of stoke points). I had to buy in bulk so i could make some for my kids and friends and now i have a lot left over. This is all high quality turf with "thatch" super cushy and warm on the feet also great to set your wet stuff on for the drive home. Below is a pic of the retail 20"x25" $30 size for comparison to the 3 sizes i have now available to jammers.

24"x30" at $20 ea. 44% larger than 20"x25"
30"x32" at $27 ea.
26"x43" at $30 ea.

i have a little more material to make a custom size or two if desired as long as i don't end up with too much waste.

figure we can do a mat train in so cal if need be or can ship if needed at actual shipping costs...probably $10 to $15 but need to verify upon interest and zip.

PS. I am going to make a frigging fortune off this so please feel free to be very pi$$ed off i am offering these to my buddy's:dude: if you must.

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This, you should attend.

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so i was at the journal the other day speaking about pig gatherings and what not... my buddy there mentioned comments from the thread below and (perhaps) threads other places :


it was entertaining to say the least when you consider the following excerpt in a journal from 2002 about a fella named "Ray Stewart" . apparently this guy "Ray" sent tremendous amounts of material to the journal trying to lure them into doing a feature on him.

my buddy Scott from the Journal sent me the following:

"Hey Mike,

The attached photo is from a 2002 copy of TSJ. We fielded repeated PR
materials from "Ray." Pezman found his outsider ethos charming enough to
riff on in his "Surfing Around" column.

We have never considered "Ray" for a feature article, never assigned such a
piece, have no knowledge of a reporter/spy/writer named "Dove," and know
nothing of his wife, who "Ray" claims we sought to interview in a piece
designed to injure his "reputation." The entire tale‹which he takes pains to
introduce as "the truth"‹ is a figment. Confirmation of such an endeavor
could have been investigated with an email to us here at TSJ by "Ray"
himself. Of course he didn't do that, as the entire construct is sheer


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Man o man, with all that's gone on in our neck of the woods, this one is well needed to kick off Spring! Plan the date and we'll get things going...Sunday May 5th, 2013.

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