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I'm sure regulations differ, but here in Pacific Beach the kiteboarders are allowed to 'surf' the lineup along with the surfers (they claim it is a boardsport, just like surfing). Last week was the angriest I've ever been in the water. 24 kiteboarders zig zagging at high speeds through the lineup trying to ride waves. They'd kick out near the sand and then go flying back out through a lineup of 70+ surfers. (funny, I ended up getting hit in the face by a Costco softop that day, guess everyone is a danger...)

I spoke to 3 lifeguards and they told me that they were filming all the action/interaction so that they could make a case to kick them out. The lifeguard said quote "unfortunately it is going to take a tragedy before they enact anything"

It is amazing to me that in 2014 we've eliminated SUPs from some beaches because they are too dangerous, but these f*cktards can ride by at 25+mph with cables attached to a kite with no worries. Makes my blood boil. I've contemplated walking down the 'prep' area at pump house with a pair of scissors and snipping lines....

Do these problems exist elsewhere in California? East coast? Something tells me San Diego is waaaay behind the times.

Side note: today a friend spoke to a police officer after an altercation between some surfers and a kiteboarder. He is asking for people to start documenting incidents and call him immediately. If you surf the PB area PM me and I'll give you this officer's number. It is about damn time...
You guys have enough threads dedicated to your shaper “idol” worship. I'm thinking more along the lines of the Simmon's, pig, V-bowls, bonzer, long fish . . . you get the idea. If you had to pick that one board that you own or have owned in the past, which board is it that speaks to you? Which board identifies with you most as a surfer?

It's a question of what really changed everything for you?

In my case, it would be the twin keel fish. It was “magic” right from the beginning. It suited my style of surfing better than anything I had/have experimented with. The speed and flow of turns, the up and down roller coaster rides down long faces, the ability to just go where it takes me on waves as opposed to the places I tried to make boards go before. The board I feel most in tune with. It's a board that I am in constant awe of in comparison to the other boards I own . . . it just feels right! This was the moment when the stars and moons aligned for me and took my surfing to another level. Let's hear yours!
Going back and forth on this but for now its for sale.
$650 or maybe trades for anything interesting uner 7'
Boards in mint condition with maybe a heal dent.
This narcissist thread got me thinking about our avatars.

Here are the questions:

What is your avatar?

Why did you choose that?

My avatar is a wave, I choose it because I love surfing nice waves.
There seems to be a lot of "look at me look at me" posts repeated by a few people on here and it floods the website with nonsense vice useful information. It seems like some have to post, just to post. Why? We are all adults here. We get it, you might be getting a new toy, just have gotten one, or have had it in the past. Awesome, but you don't need to post it on every thread multiple times. Sometimes less is more. Also, is it really necessary to post on a thread just to post and see yourself? I know I'm not the only one thinking it. I just figured I would say something as it is getting pretty old. This is Jamboards and not Facebook after all.
Curious (based on the meaty surf small board topic) to know what you ladies and gents are riding in this run of strong swell that we all seem to be experiencing.

I have an un-photographed old Kirk Bierke 2+1, a Christenson 2+1 Comp Noserider, and an Owl Chapman thruster. I'll post some pics. All are 9ft.

First, the Christenson. This board took me a few surfs to figure out. I even listed on craigslist. Once I figured out how to push it off the bottom... my name for the board is now NFS (not for sale).

Attached files
Clean em up boys and get ready for another great day! Sunday September 28th... in front of the Beach House - Bay Head, NJ.
I did a search on the above topic and a few posts came up about sanding the trailing edge of a fin to get rid of a buzz or hum. Before I break out the sandpaper and since my fin is a glass-on, I was just curious if anyone had any more specifics in regards to how far to go with the sanding or what a properly sanding trailing edge should look like. I really don't see anything out of the ordinary on my fin but it really buzz/hums even on moderately hard turns. I would like to get the fin properly tuned before the Crisobal starts to show on Wednesday.

Im thinking of 3 boards and can't seem to make a decision. 9/6 Bing Levitator 9/8 Bing Trimulux or a 9/6 Tyler Warren Salinas. Im 190-200 lbs 40 yrs old and a east coast FL surfer. Any help would be nice!
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