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my neighbor has these for sale, he's asking $800 for each, I think he's had them up on craigs before, but he says he's always wishy washy about selling them, anyways they are up for sale again now
Orange 9'6 pignar, White 9'8 Glide, and Grey 9'8 Super nar nar, he's asking 800 each or 2200 package deal, any one interested pm me for his cell number, they're in pretty good shape, this is the same guy El Brooklyn bought a board from a few months ago

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just ran across this. not exactly smoking deal but decide to share..

So.... My wife and my little girl take daily walks on the beach. Both of them started picking up small driftwood pieces and have formed a nice little collection. My wife has always been into painting, but lately has been getting into driftwood art. She asked if I would post a piece for sale on "that surfing forum you spend so much time on". So of course I said yes.
I'm proud of her and my daughter. It is their first true hobby together. My daughter is only a year and a half so she doesn't know why she picks up driftwood or that it is even driftwood for that matter, but pretty cool none the less. For now she buys the frames, and them assembles the pieces one at a time. This one is a 12x12 seahorse.
She has been getting about $60 shipped each and also takes special requests. Send a pic of what you want and she will come up with a design and email a template before it gets epoxied down..
Brand new 7" 4A. Never used. Bought wrong size, will trade for 7.5" 4A or similar fin. Thanks!

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I'm going to be camping down at Refugio State Beach this weekend. If anyone is in the area and wants to surf some ankle-biters let me know.
Bought some boardies that do not fit me. Both are size 32
1. Black Katin used but in excellent condition. The USA made ones.
15.00 Shipped***SOLD***
2. Brand New Birdwells with the tag Green with yellow liner and totally rad yellow checks. 25.00 shipped
Paypal accepted, trades welcomed. COWABUNGA!

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Looking for a Christenson Flat Tracker in the 7'0 range.
8.5 " Lovelace V bowls Volan Got this from Glide a few weeks ago 70.00 shipped

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All the technology helps us with forecasting but you really don't know until you put eyes on it. Some days I spend way too much time thinking about wind, tide, swell angle etc. even when I'm there. How about you?
I am looking at this board on Thursday:

But it comes with the original of this fin:


I was hoping for this fin:


I have put in an email to Juan at One World who makes repros but no word back yet. I have contacted the guy on eBay who sells the copies of the fin that comes with the board but he is away so no answer yet as to whether he has any.

This board is not cheap ($1000) even if I can get the owner to drop the price down a couple of hundred. I am not sure how a 50/50 will ride with this fin compared to the pivot that I wanted. I would guess more drawn out turns, etc but if anyone has ridden one with this fin, I'd like to hear about the ride difference.

Also, if anyone has a line on the pivot version of the fin, even a copy, please let me know.
Gene had an interesting tidbit on Sways about molding a fin base from the box using a modern fin or even an original glass on (or a Tyler 777?). A lot of work she not cheap unless I do it and I'm not they skilled.

So, advice, please....

Thank you in advance!