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Hey All-

Some great surfing going on. The highlights are many and for those who want to, you can see the whole broadcast from yesterday's round.


Choose your heat:


Ireland's Glenn Hall got a perfect 10 in the last seconds of his heat with a tube that took him from 4th to moving to the next round:


Good stuff.
Looking to get NJlongboarder his 6'10 Pro Lite Double baord bag back (WAY overdue) and before I get what appears to be my Ass kicked on shipping was Wondering if anyone was going by that way?
Just taking a chance. Also the Ferryman will receive a really rad token of appreciation. Really rad. Christmas Rad.



Hey All-

SSIA. I'm curious about some of our former members and how they're doing. I still have a look every now and again at Slide A Pig (Mike) and Harmless Neighborhood Eccentric (Steiny) but there are many former (or now are mere lurkers/non-participants) that I'm sure we'd all like to know about.

Pipe up if you know.

My quiver has grown back to 7 and looking for outdoor storage ideas. I live in SoCal and am worried about the heat in summer (and in spring...hell during the year!). I was thinking maybe building a wood shed against the wall with openings to slide the boards in. The location I have in mind would have some coverage by a tree.

Any ideas or pictures?
Heading to Santa Cruz over the Christmas holidays and wanted to put the feelers out there for anyone with some extra boards who might want to rent me one for about a week? Please PM me.
Hi friends, I've been too busy surfing and not painting nearly enough, but here are some of my latest creations. As always - any of them are for sale and custom orders are always welcome! Thanks for your support!

Peeling Waves Stylized - in wooden frame. Acrylic paint on heavy paper, under glass. 15" x 18.5" $50

Attached files
All fins are like new and used a max of 2 times. Price includes paypal and shipping via usps priority to the conus.[list type=decimal]
[*]Junod pivot fin 9.75" $60[/*]
[*]Greenough 4a 10" $50 [/*]
[*]Harbour 9.5" $20 (or free with purchase of one of the fins above)[/*]
[/list type=decimal] [​IMG]
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