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Hi guys,This one is mine. Shoot me an email if you are interested. surferchic5555 at yahoo dot comAsking $350. I am in Los Angeles (technically in Sylmar). Prefer a local sale. See lots of pics on the CL add. Has a few small snackles that were fine as is, and I brushed some extra resin over them to ensure they were water tight. Surfed it a few times. It was fun. I just need to pare things down and bring in some cash.
6'9" Channel Islands Rob Machado Single FinReally good shape. Few repaired dings but water tight, solid, ready to surf. Comes with Channel Islands fin.Solid red resin tint top and bottom with pin line.

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"We were repeatedly dropped in on by a bunch of young blokes who were having photos taken. They were blokes who had surfed in the contest and should have displayed a little more of the spirit of surfing than they did. Not only did they drop in, they waited until we were well involved in sections and still went, thus spoiling the wave. This is just disrespect…”

Any ride reports on the hilbers avenger model? What are the differences between the avenger, the ant and the SOS? From searching the site there seems to be a lot of positive talk about these kinds of boards but I couldn't find a direct ride report on Hilbers' take on them.
I hardly ever see or hear about anyone riding these sorts of boards. pigs seem to have made a huge comeback, do you guys think these kind of boards are next?
Looking for some help from the Jamboards family.

A friend had her board stolen from her back yard in Cape May yesterday. It's a suntanned 7'8" Tanaka, square tail, V-bottom. Not quite a rare collectable but it does have some deep sentimental value. Belonged to her Mom and she just had it tuned up and made surf-worthy last summer.
If you spot it, please contact the Cape May PD 609-884-9500 or shot me a PM.

If I get a photo or additional info, I will post it up. Many thanks.

"“Something is getting lost in the current design language,” says co-founder Dragusin, who is based in Brooklyn. “Up until the early ’70s, when various federal safety regulations started to be implemented, car design was pure and raw. Proportions and visual balance were important, and lots of things were done for the love of the art. Cars had personality.”"


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In the thread on noseriding, chillywilly mentioned mental obstacles as being the biggest hindrance to his noseriding success. I can identify. At my current level, I'm stuck at usually taking one step toward the nose and calling it a day, when I know two is what's needed. One step is just getting into trim. Two steps is what leads to noseriding.

Usually, I hope for two and berate myself when one is all I get. Today, I told myself to freaking take two and I did it a number of times, with two instances of having it work out; no toes over the nose but at least both feet were within 15" of the beak, which in my case is progress. But what I didn't think about before, and didn't realize until I did it today, is how much better just the effort made me feel about myself. It didn't matter when I failed. I felt pretty damn happy with myself for just having tried. Which came as a surprise. And is very interesting to me.

What about you? What's (or what's been) your biggest mental obstacle? And how do you plan to overcome it (or how did you overcome it)?
Some familiar faces and the finished projects coming to DelMar at boardroom show

I am looking to get a board from Long Island to the board swap, its a 6ft board so it wont take up much room, anyone who could give me a hand would be greatly appreciated
looking for a DD 7.5" fin, if anyone has one in decent condition.