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Im almost about to pull the trigger on a log from them. Anyone have one or rode one? Stoked on their work.
Oh boy, as most of you know I am an ardent supporter of my local shaper.

Been through some of the best, Cooper, Yater, Del Canon, Miguel Winterburn, Mike Diff, Hank Balzak, Walsch, Haut, PJ Wahl, Bob Pearson, John Mehl and Dane Perlee.

So..............the other day a good friend and long time surfer called me on the handshaped verses PC shaped boards.

Hey Shapewright...........ya know where this thread is going.

His thing was that machines will match the rails to zero tolerance where a shaper will be off a country mile.

My response is fine. I've ridden mic'ed boards from Tony Channin machines and guys like Perlee who used their eyes and know how I surf. No comparison. A hand shaped board wins.

Your thoughts Forum. Am I just an old fuddy duddy who has surfed over 50 years and has dementia or is this new machine craze something to embrace?

Here's one I'm currently riding. Quads and the occasional five fin seem to be working for me. This one is thinned out at the nose and tail.

6'2 x 21-1/2" x 2-5/8". I have a 5'10 coming that has the same outline, but a little beefier.



Hey guys

So there's a hole in my quiver around the mid 6' to mid 7' size and I'm thinking of filling it with a 2+1 egg. I've always thought Devon Howard rips on them

So my initial thoughts are his HPD Howard special mini

Or the ones Tyler has shaped him more recently. The hairpin (which is the one on the video above) anyone got any experience of these shapes? I know the Tyler is a panel vee bottom but I don't know much about the hpd

Anything else I should look at? I know junod makes nice eggs!

I'm 5'6 and 145 and a fairly decent surfer on anything from 5'2 mini sim to a 9'6 log. Mostly beach break not ca points sadly!
Saw the video on youtube. What the hell is going on here?
sexy sexy looking but, wondering if the wax melter chatter that I've heard is all fact -

Any 1st hand experience? is Black much different than other dark tints?

keep in mind I dont live in FLA or Baja(wish)

p.s. if you know what I'm looking at no need to make it public thx;)
Anyone here riding them (or views on them?)

Just saw on the 4th gear flyer site they've a sale on. Iv always been tempted to try one and I was thinking recently if could come in handy for a few off shore spots for photography where I could deflate it after the paddle out and re inflate it for the paddle home.
I am looking for a Tyler 777. Thinking in a 9'6" or so. I normally ride a 10' + and have seen most ride these shorter. Heck, up to 10' is fine too. I have cash, boards for trade, or cash plus boards. However you want to do it. Please just PM me with it. Thank you.
A friend of mine is looking to connect with 2 Longboard professionals to make a documentary for a french television channel.
The road trip would be following them thru the states of Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

Any leads,introduction ,advice, recommendation, networking are welcome.

MEssage me for more details...
A good friend practically forced me to try a paipo recently and i had so much fun on it and it brought back so many memories i decided to try to make one.

It was very time consuming but a lot of fun and i like working in wood. I used a table saw to rip the boards, a jig saw to rough out the shape and then a belt sander...yes belt sander to shape it and take off most of the material. A belt sander is by no means ideal for shaping but luckily i had a lot of material to remove so i had some time to practice before it got critical.
After i had shaped it i got a larger grinder that had a large enough flat but flexible round sanding plate and i used it for about 10 minutes between the what you see as the finished product with no tung oil and the finished product with tung oil.

Don't do this if you don't have a lot of time to devote to it although the large grinder would make it faster.

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