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FINELINE HOT GENERATION (Kirk Putnam/Brian Hilbers Design)

8'1 x 17 1/8 x 22 3/4 x 17
3 1/4

Subtle Coke Bottle Volan Tint
Watermans Guild Glassing
Mint Condition 9/10

$650 w/Fibre Glass Fin Co. flex included

You guys know all about her. Modified hull, wide point pulled back. Middle of the board trim. Loves a drawn out bottom turn with silky smooth projection up the lip. Banks and carves with ease. Super user friendly and fast.

Great step down for a longboarder or the surfer looking for a more involved ride.

Handshaped by Brian Hilbers.


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What other longboarders are you watching these days? Whose style are you liking?

I've always appreciated Alex Knost's style, but I feel like I'm getting tunnel vision from constantly watching the same guy surf. Ten years ago, the consensus probably would have been Joel Tudor (and might still be?). I'm just curious who else is inspiring you all.
Thought I'd try here first as it's your guys neck of the woods. Looking to do a surf trip / holiday for two weeks in September to Punta Mita and the hotel has Burros as a break right on it's front door.
Anyone surfed this area and can rate any good surf trips , breaks , things for the other half to do ie sightseeing etc ?
I bought this board a few months back from a member here. I use it exactly one time. The board is a little wide for me. There was a homemade repaired ding when I bought it that I had it professionally redone. Otherwise, pristine. Clear Volan, t-band stringer. NO Fin. 9'2"x 24.5x3. $625.

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So, I know there used to be alot of the old crew on here that had an annual San O weekend every year. Many of those guys have left or just lurk now, and that is a bummer. Many of us on here have met and surf together regularly or occassionally. I was curious if other members on here would be interested in putting together a San O day at all this year? I know there is the Pig Luau that many attend, but was thinking how rad a San O day would be where we can switch boards and just put names with faces and catch waves. I tried to set this up before previous years, but no one would commit. Any interest?
Whos the originater?
What are they?
What do they do?
Where do they excel?

From what I gather they're long, they glide, and Roy loves them.
From pilgrim surf/suply
Zipperless, Japanese wetsuit. Worn 6 times. The one in the middle of the pic.

It's too hot for me.

Retail was $380. Will take $200 obo.

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