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Watcha got? I have a 9'4 mint west coast Tak Model T, 2 months old. Yellowish tint (they called it "dead yellow"?) sanded gloss. Totally mint.
Interested in something else...Christenson Flathead, Tudor Santana genre. Open to anything. Needs to be 9'4 or smaller.
I am in Charleston, SC. Could maybe get a box from my buddy Jook. So it would probably have to be an East Coast Amtrak trade.

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Hi, meeting some friends in Oceanside tomorrow for happy hour. Does anyone have any advice regarding a cool place with good micro-brews in the area? I think they are staying in the sourthern part of town. Thanks for any recommendations.
Video on TSJ was fun but am I missing something? Article surely isn't in newest issue. A typo and teaser for the next issue.
I'm teased. Anyone know what's up?
I'm going to be in SoCal in a month or so and have been contemplating buying a board and shipping it back home. Notice they seem to post a lot of boards for sale on CL and sometimes have things I might be interested in. Any experience dealing with them? Good / bad / indifferent?
There is a fish in S. San Diego that I would like to purchase. The only problem is, I am in Florida.
Anyone around care to buy it (I'd paypal you) and pack/put it on Amtrak for me?
I'd repay you with karma!?
10" Greenough 4A good shape $45 shipped9.75" Heritage small nick that probably could get sanded out $35 shipped
[​IMG] [​IMG]
My cousin and fellow surfer passed away Jan 3. He was 54, and we grew up together in southern California, surfed Newport, Huntington, San Onofre, and points south to San Diego. Later on, he surfed Mexico quite a bit too.

There will be a memorial paddle-out at San Onofre, Saturday, May 16. Feel free to join in, if you're around. Bryan would appreciate it- he was a Jam Longboard member, always tuned in, but never posted much. A man of few words, but immense stoke.

Obit: http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/territorial-cup/2014/11/26/ex-asu-football-star-bryan-caldwell-goes-forward-terms/70123404/

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the sister bungalow to our surf bungalow is available for rent in the rockaways (ny not ca), and i'm posting it on the behalf of my landlord. i believe rent is around $1,100 but not entirely accurate. if interested, please pass along your contact info and i'll get you in touch with our landlord.
it's almost identical to our surf bungalow and is a 2 story one bedroom with a smaller wooden deck one and half blocks from the beach, but the layout is a little different (mirror image, smaller deck, bigger living room) and freshly remodeled with new appliances and floors after hurricane sandy.
i'm posting pics of our bungalow just to give an idea on space and layout:

on an unrelated note, there is an opening in our surf bungalow and if interested please email me a little bit about yourself and to schedule a time to check it out:
opening in a surf bungalow in the rockaways. you'll be sharing with 11 other people (13 total). preference will be given to long term renters and looking for at least a one year commitment.​
the bungalow is a 2 story one bedroom with a great wooden deck to hang out when the weather is nice. downstairs is mainly used to store boards, and upstairs for wetsuits and other beach gear with a futon and desk. bungalow is about a block and a half from the main break, and has been recently renovated downstairs after sandy with new; appliances, paint, sinks, and bathroom.

rent is...​
Sufermag seems to think the rider and the ride justified the behavior. Readers clearly disagree.
My first thought- was the guy who got dropped in on too deep and Kirra knew it? He was already pretty low and slow but could have been building speed? But hen I watched it again... nope, the guy actually had a deeper pit lined up and the ride would have been better.
hey all
been lurking on jamboards for a while now but just recently joined. i live in north county SD but originally from the LA area. Started surfing late in life as surfing is not a typical activity a 2nd gen Korean kid from LA does. Fortunately for me, my older bro picked up surfing from some of his pastor friends and passed it down to me! AM I LUCKY!
Fast foward 10 years and here i am. Moved to SD with my wife for her job. I am a consultant and work from home a lot which allows me to hit local breaks during the week which i love! we had a recent addition to the family, Caleb, who is 10mo old now. He already loves the water and cant wait till he is old enough to take him out on my LB.
I am currently riding a 9'6" Harbor Rapier, 9'8 Bing Silverspoon and a 6'6" Kane Garden twin fin.
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