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One for the Applekat archives...
A bobcat catches and drags a shark to shore at Sebastian Inlet:
Found this on the interwebs.

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These are headed to Pilgrim surf this weekend, but I would rather see a jammer enjoy them and get "straight cash homey" then a store credit.....

10'4" Phillips pig - beautiful board - $800
9'8" RA Retro - hand shaped - heavy glass - few heals, but no dings. - $700
I can text you pics.

Boards are in NYC


nine 1 four - 844 - 393 four
Hello Forum,
I am new here but have lurked a time or three. I know s few members in So. CA. I look forward to the community and sharing of surfcraft thoughts, ideas, opinions and reviews.
For Sale 11'-0" George Robinson 25" Wide 4" thick Single Fin. Solid Board. Has been Painted. My son used it as SUP for several years ( from say 80lbs to 110lb) $200.00

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11'2" Ka Po'e A'ea and his pal is getting an identical 10'6", I hope and pray I NEVER see a photo of them with paddles in their hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looking at a CL deal on OC CRAIG'S BUT WONT SHIP curious if anyone coming east ? It's with Kyle Albers on a 9' 4 megafish on Craig's OC
... if there is a left-handed point or reef break named "The Leftorium"?


I would find that amazing.
Really getting the quiver dialed but have an itch for a noserider for steep and shallow beach breaks. Thinking something piggy esque, but not a full on pig. Looking at narrower noses with maybe some hip. Really liking the bing mr Rodgers model. Planning to give a call out there today to get the skinny. I have a 10' stamps pig and really enjoy it, but really having trouble tucking tail to hang some toes. I use it more as a glider.
So if you were to buy a noserider for something from knee to chest high that you would use in a shallow fast break....
What would it be???
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