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magic model.
6'8x21x2-9/16. twinzer setup.
rode it yesterday and had a blast. also switched with a buddy of mine and rode his 5'9 stamps twinzer and got some super fun turns in. mabile is glidey and drivey but can still turn. stamps was crazy fast acceleration and did tight turns and snaps. completely different boards but every bit as much fun. stoked!
what's the consenus?
i've ridden a dt2 and thought the rocker was low and it caught waves super well. thought the rails were pretty foiled for the dims. rode a standard 9'2. would prly go 9'4.
i currently have a 9'2 takayama cassia meador and it's great but a bit too much rocker for the micro mush.
i'm 5'10x160lbs and middle aged. ride shortboards, fishes, and mini simmons in the 5'5-6'6 range.
would the model t grovel better? which one is better for cruising and doing roundhouse cutbacks? model t looks more old school noserider while dt2 looks like a low rocker performance longboard.
thanks in advance
A longtime lake surfer from Lake Superior area is looking for a rental/loaner board in April and frozen bolt asked if anyone could help him out,here is his post from a lake surf forum any help/info would be apreciated.Renting a Longboard in Orang County in April?
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Postby roirepus[/b] » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:04 pm
Kind of throwing this out, and seeing if this is a possibility.

From MN, and I'll be working in Cypress the week of April 11th - 18th, and staying most likely in Sunset Beach (or there-about). Schedule affords me, so I was hoping to log some time every morning. Problem: Getting a 9'6" to Cali. It can be done, yes, but it's become a real pain in the arse (not to mention the wallet).

At any rate, I was hoping that maybe someone has a connection who has a spare board they'd be willing to part with for a few days. Not particular. I'm a 50/50, pintail, single-fin kind of a guy, but when in this situation, anything will do. Of course I'll make it worth their while.

Thanks, and any other suggestion on how to procure a (real!) board would be great. Was actually thinking of buying one on Craigs, and selling it to a shop before heading back, but that sounds _.

Thanks again!

A friend of mine is looking for a John Cherry Simm-21. 6' - 6'6". Let me know if you have one for sale.
Phillips SWT 9'10'' 3/4 redwood stringer sanded gloss white super clean but for a few surface scratches on the tail, no dings, pressures. Unbelievable board, catches everything, but dropped a lot of weight and want a magic ham now. 850
Christenson mid-length, 8'6" - like a shortened Bonneville, have not seen chris shape another board like this, bought from Mitch's for around 1400 new. Super clean, no ding or pressures. Clear gloss finish, beautiful t band stringer. Really fun board to surf but have a flat tracker that has taken its place. 900
mandala super chunk 5'6" FCS boxes with Von sol quad set, clear gloss. Super clean as well. Very fast. 500
Direct message me your phone number and I am happy to text pics.
"Stained Glass Rainbow" (abstract sunset on ocean)
mixed media on reclaimed farm house wood
33" x 17"
Ideally can deliver / be picked up in greater Los Angeles area. Note - I can ship, but it may cost $50 - $100 due to large size & weight of wood panel
Thanks for all the encouragement with my art! I have had a tough time finding steady work in my profession this past year, so every little bit helps.
Happy surfing. :)

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Any feedback on this fin from those who have tried it?
Just picked it up for my son's board. It holds in solid with no play. Works in any s fin box. We'll see how it holds up.

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looking to see if any of you vintage guys have a first gen FU fin in your stash that you would be willing to part with?
These are the fins that were in Wade's thread. Link to pics of fins BELOW. Prices are in the file names. Everything is plus shipping. Big fins are $13 priority mail shipping and 3 or four can go in a box. Small fins are less than $7 shipping and 3 or 4 can go in a box. SHIPPING PRICE IS ONLY TO LOWER 48.

Big Island Fin Designs and Big Brown fin with tip issue WON'T FIT IN THE PRIORITY MAIL BOX, THOUGH.

Will try to give preference to people who responded to Wade's thread. Won't be able to get back to you till tonight.

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