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For $700 you can become the owner of my 9'11" x 23.5"w x 3.5"t Vaquero which includes a 9.25" Andreini Flex Fin and board bag. The board is in good shape, watertight with no dings. It is for sale because I have two. Also, I mostly ride my 11' Glider now.
This board will be in Dana Point, CA, starting April 1, 2015. PM if interested.

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For me, it's a day I had one day in early September.

It was still summer, but it was a weekday, all of the kids were back in school, the tourists were gone and the beach was pretty empty.

Actually, there was a hot german chick in a thong on the beach so a few tourists were still around (I know she was German because I 'accidentally' lost my board and let it wash up where she was standing).

Anyway, the water was as warm as it gets, the wind was light and offshore and there were perfect waist high waves rolling in. A few swimmers but nobody else out surfing. Just easy, fun, totally unstressful.

I surfed for 2 hrs, then went and got a half dozen clamcakes and a beer, came back and surfed for 2.5 more hours.

If I could play time over and over again in a loop, I might just pick that day.
With a recent purchase from Slosurf (so stoked) I'm looking for any help getting the board from the Washington DC area to Ma, or points in between. Any help is greatly appreciated.Dave
My neighbor has been tasked with making the tin man costume for his daughters high school play, The Wizzard of Oz. If anyone has an old, size medium full suit that is taking up space he could sure use it for the underlayment for the costume.
A donation suit would be great but I'd also be willing to pay a few bucks.
Cheers for reading
Aloha got a 5'10x21x2-5/8 Outer Island Flex Tail fish with v2 stringers, FCS plugs for the rear and Surfinz boxes (FCS) for the fronts.
It is a quad fish with carbon patches and carbon flex tail. Some pressures on deck and bottom is clean. No repairs or dings. Built to last. Mitchell Rae shaped and glassed. Look him up. Years of flex tail experience.
$600 fins not includedNo trades.
Can get it packed and air shipped $150 within the US to major airports and $225 internationally to major airports
I know reviews are quite mixed and Thane Pope is a controversial subject at best...but nonetheless, I am interested in getting ahold of an epoxy bisect in the 9'6" range to keep in my car and for traveling.Walden or Harbour preferred, but open to other options as well. Let me know what you have if interested in parting with it.
Got a free fix 'er upper board that had had a really bad day on the highway. Replacing four fcs plugs and a whole bunch of dings. Going to be my son's this summer when he is ready to try something other that the soft top.

Anybody have some extra FCS fins laying around they want to sell?
I'm thinking of picking up my old Stamps fish from Jonesy17 (he's in Huntington Beach) and am wondering if anyone might be able to pick it up from him, throw it in a box and ship it out via Amtrak?
I will pay shipping but prefer just to have an old SUP box used to keep a boxing fee out of the equation if at all possible. Board has a bag so it wouldn't take a whole lot of extra padding... Just the SUP box (I get mine from the local shop when I ship boards) and the left over scraps tucked inside.
I will pay Jonesy for the board and then pay you for the shipping, gas, any materials you need. Plus extra mana and any help you might need from Florida (board shipped, loaned, etc.) :)
It's not a done deal yet, just floating this to see if it's workable.
Thank you for any help.
Free book: Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica and SW Nicaragua.
In great shape. No longer need.
A great resource for Ticolandia surfing and travel.
PM if interested. I'll even cover shipping to lower 48.
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