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I won't go into all the reasons this is important but after years on the OPD Harbor Unit I completely support this. If you are local or surf Oceanside I'm asking you to sign this petition. Very briefly, because of changes to the OPD approach to supporting the harbor boating/surfing/watermen community they have greatly curtailed what was once a great unit. If you are not local I don't think it productive to sign, at this point it is a grass roots/local effort, but at some point I may come back and ask again if we can get traction on this change. Thanks. https://www.change.org/p/reorganiza...b969a657f4d&utm_content=fht-22955824-en-us:v2
Sorry for the post about a short board. I hope its acceptable since its a short board made by Bing. Anyway, anyone ride one? or know someone who rides one? Thanks
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I ordered this before The madness.

It’s Ricky Carroll’s version of an old school Gun Log with a bit more refinement, based after Rusty Ledge Runner.

9’8” 3.5”
Beakish nose
Medium/high gradual rocker
Double 6 top - 6,4 bottom with 4 deck patch

No excuses, I’m the only limitation
Please tell me it isn't true they are doing this to Ocean City. These projects ruin beaches in my opinion. The sand is gritty and no longer soft, and it ruins the waves because the steep waterline causes the wave to rebound like crazy, not to mention the sand bar profile gets messed up.

I have a Bing BN Lightweight (10’ x 23.3 x 3.25) using a 10” Fins Unlimited “Bing Surfboards” fin currently.

The fin feels stiff and kind of off. Anybody try any other fins with this model that worked well with turns and nose ride stability?
Asking for some guidance. I'm 55, 185 pounds and surf two or three times a week. North Orange County. From Seal south to Blackies. Rarely make it beyond those breaks. Bolsa 50%, Blackies 25% and a mix of Newps and HB the rest. Once in a while a trip to Sano or Doheny.

I have a terrible jones for a vbowls-ish wide point back board, but know those are primarily point break/lined up boards. I surf junk most of the time. Pitchy, low-tide dumpers. High-tide sand bar mush. And a few good days when the stars align. I romanticize tight-stance, mid-board surfing. My main ride is a 7' EC vbottom. I love it and can surf it how I envision. But more length sounds fun.

Looking at Labyrinth, Thick Lizzy, Hailey, etc. Am I trying to use the wrong tool for the job? I know I can always yank out my 5'10" keel fish or EC for my main breaks, but I'd like to bridge the gap between my 7'0" and 9'4" pig. Thanks.
Just picked up my new 9’1 shortboard, I know many here don’t like this type of wave vehicle but I assure you they work well on island juice... 2+1 with F8 sides and True Ames 7” cutaway. 57F82CEB-A7B8-4D49-B434-48C54E270A11.jpeg AE30F1A3-DAF1-4FD8-A152-B9E40B86844C.jpeg
Besides increasing the relative rail line, which in theory, would give a shorter board the feel of a longer board and hold on edge, are there advantages or disadvantages from folks who have surfed them. Looking for input on short or midlengths in particular.

Just sharing what’s probably common knowledge, but in case it can help someone else. I finally listened to some of the more seasoned pros and tried these. What a great tool for board building uses on laps, tapeline beads, etc.

I still use a die grinder, but my go-to is now the vixen.

Pros: it's less prone to gouging, better at keeping things flat, and less dust. Cons slower and more elbow grease needed.

I’ve never had a terribly steady hand with power tools, so really like the control aspect.

There's the common file length ones, but I also recently found these small palm size ones and they're simply awesome - especially when cleaning up around the nose and tail.