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Okay, another health and surfing topic.

I wear progressives and cannot for the life of me get used to contacts. They go in okay, feel pretty good, and then I struggle like a fool to get them out. Every time. End up with my eyes all swollen and having my wife do it. Just not happening for me...

So, does anyone have any experience with Seaspecs or similar? Just hoping to get some feedback before going to see my eye doctor in the coming days.

Many thanks for your input.
I subscribe to Surfer and enjoy the read usually. Got the latest issue yesterday and the Intro touches on: Anti Trump, Class inequality, Racism, Police Brutality, BLM, Equity, White Guilt, LGBTQ issues, Virtue Signaling, Diversity etc. I was just looking for some Surfing...
Just had one of those special days here in OC. Thought you would dig a few photos of today’s session
Just picked up a sweet 7'10 Fineline Egg and I'm fairly new to single fins, so not sure what fin would work best for this board. I surfed it this morning at my local beachbreak in about waist-chest high waves, using my friends 7.5" Skip Frye fin. It went really fast and felt pretty great. 7.5" seems a little too small for this size board, but I also have no idea what I'm talking about.

Also I weigh about 150 lbs, not sure if that makes a difference.

Anyone have any thoughts or recs for fins?
Unfrozen Caveman left us. Maybe a good time to remember him and all the others you may have lost in the past years. RIP
Has anyone ever heard of this place? https://surfcampsiberut.com/

8 days 7 nights days with 3 meals a day $500 for one person or $744 for two people.
Has any one on here ridden a Frye TC? would love to hear of any experiences riding. Im yet to get this one in the water.

Also some help on value, I have the board pictured and would like hear members thoughts on current value. This a 9'6, fin box, scoop nose with V through the tail. Bottom has seen a lot of sun, deck is in much nicer condition. But board is water tight and ready to ride.

I know frye fish and eagles can go for crazy money. Have not seen any of these nose rider types for sale before recently.
This just showed up in my inbox. haven’t had time to dig through the fine print yet but interesting idea.

Just walked back inside after unpacking my new board!
10'x23"x3 1/4

I wanted a fast noserider so Dane suggested starting with a speed demon and giving a little more width. I'm both excited and scared about taking it out this evening.

IMG_20200929_100803.jpg Even the truck that delivered it was cool!
IMG_20200929_100937.jpg Boxed with two boards from Joe Blair that a friend shipped out.
IMG_20200929_102814.jpg Blair Boards- Wide and super light, look fun to ride in softer waves.

Bottom up...

Top Side