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anyone live near Newport / Costa Mesa / Latina ? A super duper score awaits
looking at getting a board in HB. I have a friend who could pick up and store who lives in West Hollywood.
I am heading to The Big island on Monday for a week. If anyone has advice or can point me to a previous thread I would greatly appreciate it. It's a family trip with a lot on the "to do" list (non-surf advice also welcomed), but the top thing on my list is surfing. I am not bringing a board, but plan to rent. I am staying at the Hilton Waikoloa north of Kona airport on the western side. I did rent a Tahoe in case I need to go 4x4.
Anyone got any thoughts on Adam Davenport’s shapes? Been seeing more of his logs floating around here and some of ‘em are looking super slick...
Saw that Sunova is back (don't really know the history, just that Bert Burger is the man behind it, and he was a big part of Firewire in the early days )
Wondering if anyone has first hand experience with the boards, especially the longboards or the Dynamo?
I realize this might kick off a big discussion that goes off on tangents \
After my session with the Occupational Therapist, she gave me the OK to do some light prone paddling. A long with my paddle Boarding. Flat water small waves only. Looks like I just might be able to surf again. Can’t tell you how stoked I am. For a while there I thought my surfing days were over.
So I have been riding an 8.5" Greenough 4a in my 7'4 Clandestino since I got it, it's always felt really good. Yesterday my friend, who has a grande-sized 9'0 Clandestino, told me he rides his with a 7.75" Lovelace vbowls fin in it. Which of course is smaller than mine and also seems to have significantly less base area. For reference I am 115 lbs. to his 170 lbs.

Was curious what type of fin everyone had ridden in theirs?
Finally going to pull the trigger on one. I would like one as close OGs as possible. I know Bing and Pieter in AUS. Who else? Any others out there I should look at?
So my buddy was out tuna fishing last week when one of these sailed by. Just another tool to forecast offshore conditions. https://www.saildrone.com/
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