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I enjoyed this article and thought some here might, too. It reminded me of another NY legacy.
angry.octopus.surf Just stating a Instagram account for my handplanes, surfboards, and pai-poons. What is a pai-poon? It’s a mix of a paipo and a spoon. Really just a dished out belly slider. A blast to play on. Hopefully I’ll get some decent pictures of it all happening.
Anyone that has any interest please get back to me again.
Thanks jamboard members! 1177F121-1130-43D8-98DB-3BC35A8524A4.jpeg
Some friends of ours left SanO thinking they had loaded up the all boards they had out. They have a newborn plus a toddler and just missed it! This board was the first BK (Brian) shaped so very sentimental. I Know alot of you, including myself, scan the for sale sites for boards we don't need :) If you could keep an eye out on the west coast. Link to instagram is below of Brendan's post.


Thank you

Derek Rico
Found my way to Nantucket for 2 weeks. No room for board on the flight so I have a mat, fins, and a 7 foot wave storm. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a decent board out here??
Anyone had much experience with the modern hulls from Hilbers, Andreini and Liddle that all doff their hat to MP?

Andreini and Hilbers 'MP' models and Liddle's 'M3P' specifically?

Does the addition of the side bites help things going backside and/or in beach break?

Thanks in advance
River surfing haps (updates when spots are surfable to boards, etc.) by "landlocked surfers" jonesing for real ocean surf while getting some addiction relief surfing stationary river waves.

(MD surfing Glenwood Springs, CO)
Post up some pics of your vintage Jam skateboards.

Here is mine now residing w/ me in Denver. Think it is 54" long. Upgraded the bushing the other day and surfed the neighborhood w/ it.

Hey everyone, for those of you that have or have ridden the Oracle, how'd you like it? I'm thinking about picking up a smaller Oracle with Manny's Delta V in a twin fin setup. I'm wondering if there would be too much overlap with my ASQ, Superchunk and Super Stubbie haha. My Super Stubbie is 5'4 2+1, the Oracle would be 5'6 Twin. My ASQ and SC are both 5'0.

Thanks all!
Just wanted to post this before I very reluctantly have to give her back...

10'1" x 22" x 3" balsa - one of the first handful of boards made over here, in the Basque Country via the Barland/Rott partnership. Progressive downrailed like a Hobie Makaha model, belly to flat bottom, wild modified inverted hotcurl tail, speed fin Barland Rott fin.jpg ... I just love this board.

Barland Rott deck.jpg
Barland Rott rocker.jpg
Barland Rott 10 1.jpg
After much thought I am selling my 1989 Vanagon Wolfsburg. Thought I would give a try here before I go on to Craigslist. Read below and there is a link to pics I posted online. If interested send me a PM, post back, or email to tomgraner2@gmail.com. Never been so conflicted on selling a car :).


1989 Vanagon Wolfsburg - $6,000

Photo album link:

- Owned since 2003, have all records since then (+ some from before I bought it)
- All my service done at Automeister, Manhattan Beach (since 2003) + VW owner’s manual
- It’s a salvage, I am the 3rd owner after it was salvaged. Had never bought salvage before and found no issues with insurance
- 156,453 miles as of photo taken :)
- 4 speed, 2.1 engine, 90hp
- 2nd to last year they were made, cooling system is very good; water cooled, sails up hills :)
- power steering, power windows
- power door locks (not functioning, using as manual)
- AC, blows strong, needs service (have not felt the need to use)
- Wolfsburg interior, fold up table, rear compartment light, two fold up jump seats, + 3 seat bench = 7 total seating capacity
- rear bench folds to a bed
- nice floor mats
- blue metallic
- includes Thule Racks you see in the photos
- am/fm/cd stereo, with “bazooka” bass speaker mounted behind driver seat

A little more about it:
The vanagon drives great and I KNOW I will miss it. A perfect vehicle for surfing. Holds a 10’6” longboard without any problem. I had a 1981 Westfalia prior to this, air cooled, and this 1989 Wolfsburg keep up on the freeway, easily driving 65-70 with rpm in the 2500-3000 range. The clutch is nice, starts off almost by itself from a stop. I wish I had the funds to paint and get the AC back, but I am 69 years old and planning on scaling back to something with an automatic. Mechanically I have always kept it up and the records will show that.

Bonus: VW van owners wave at you/you at them as you drive by....