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We Lost another Hero "Glen Kennedy" RIP
I was on dry land but, if you were out you got an excellent view!!

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Friend rented a beach house this week, he tells me it is located halfway between Huntington and Newport. Wants his kids have surf lessons and or a surf camp. Longboarding no doubt, ages 13 and 16. Any sugestions? I would be greatful to pass them along. Thanks.
Our bodies break down as we age, if nothing else, just from the harsh exposure to stress & gravity while we are on this Earth. Stem Cell Therapy, in different forms, has made great strides as the Medical Community accelerates funded experimentation and potential cures and therapies for our ailing bodies.

This is only one source offering therapy, albeit a pleasant and economical one, it is always prudent to check out the options while performing your due diligence. Professional Tennis players, as well as many other athletes in different sports, as well as tradesmen in demanding jobs where taxing repetitive action occurs, place an unusually high amount of strain on their body, and it isn't uncommon for such individuals to have to go under the knife even in their twenties!

Any option that can produce results without the high expense and long rehabilitation of a complex surgical procedure is certainly worth a look.

Heading to myrtle beach in a week for family vacation. Any surf shops worth checking out?
I see the RFC Hull Flex fin popping up here and there, but it seems to be disco. Anyone have any experience with it?

Vaquero with a PhD flex is the current setup for reference.

Also relevant fins to talk about are LFlex AFlex and other hully fins.

My experience w the PhD is some easy maneuvering with a little squirt of power at the end, like a roller coaster feeling.

Are the other models going for that feeling too?
Any helpful souls in the area? Got a Craigslist score out there paid for. Just needs a place for it stay while I arrange shipping east.
The photo makes it look smaller, but it’s actually a 9’6”. Shaped from secret stash of Clark foam. Rails type, rocker, width, thickness all top secret.

Gave it to the kids as a legacy board, but only with the promise they’d never let it become a wall hanger.

Okay, here goes.

Doing the shoulder rehab thing and dealing with arthritis in the neck, which means that my physical activity has been, shall we say, limited.

In order to help get moving again, I'm going to start doing some flatwater stand-up and will probably be picking up a lightweight, used board in the coming days/weeks. I've also been wondering about building an eps glider so that I can knee-paddle and, to be honest, just because it would be fun.

So here's the rub - does anyone have a board that they do both on? i know some folks SUP the Munoz 12 footer, and the Takayama glider seems to do the job according to their site, but I know no one with any personal experience. I don't care about the SUP performance - not going to race, or downwind, or any of that. Just cruising in a local lake to work on muscle development in a mellow way. Now if I can build say an 11' something glider, wide enough to do that duty and still surf... our summer budget will be much better off.

Thanks for the insights if you care to chime in.
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