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Imperial Beach takes the brunt of the water quality issue, but it affects beaches and waters further north as well as the Tijuana Sloughs and wildlife habitats.

I’ve seen chatter about Larry Mabile either shaping or being retired. Does anyone know the scoop and if so how to connect with him about a new ride?

Probably my favorite longboard all time was a kelp colored 11 footer with a cedar stringer he shaped. It was so fast and still really responsive and maneuverable.
Anyone ride one? My current midlength quiver is a 6'10 Thick Lizzy and a 7'4 V.bowls. I'm thinking about adding a 8ish Acid to the mix. I can't find many reviews on them, but the people I have spoken to about them seem to really like them.
I have no problem with them. $25 for a season badge...dont know how much they charge for daily badges in my town...I think $6.
Pays for guards, summer cops, beach cleaning...concerts and big screen movies before the Wuhan Flu thing. Small price to pay. Kind of keeps the riff raff at bay too.
There is a board in Encinitas i need help getting eyes on, and if everything checks out, dropping it off at the Bing Warehouse. Your help is greatly appreciated and the Universe will return the stoke you have generated by this good deed 10 fold. :)
Have you had much experience with both or either? And who shapes your fave?

Never ridden either but really interested to hear if there is much of a difference in the ride. I was thinking of grabbing one for high tide and mushier days when it's a little bigger than you want the ol' log.
Anyone out there that can hold a big-ass board for me until I make it to NC?
You can even leave it outside covered by a tiro, I don’t mind. But before I pull the trigger I need to know if someone can help me keep it.
They guy is moving far away in August , so we have some time, but the sooner , the better. I can tell he is nervous about this already . Thanks .
A guy has this posted for sale in South Jersey on FB marketplace. Curious if anyone knows what the brand is? No visible identifiers and no measurements written on board. He has it listed for $225. Looks like a fun board for crowded days.