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Anyone surf eggs over 9 ft? My friend has a 9'8 Skip egg and I was just wondering what the general thought was on bigger eggs...what are the advantages? I guess if you are not into noseriding that would be one...
Leaving on October 19. Coming back about a week later. 10'2 is the longest board that will fit in my van. Heading up I-5 so limited to stops near the freeway.
So has anyone else had the notification that jamboards would like to use your camera?

Really creepy, I just got that alert when scrolling the For Sale section on my Iphone
Hi guys ,
Question. ..i found that my egg shaped boards are more fickle then the fish boards I've been on.
In what way is a fish easier to paddle into almost anything, but yet, my eggs are more if'y.
During a higher tide my eggs don't work, But my fish does even though it's smaller and dims seems to similar.
What are your thoughts
I was contemplating getting rid my eggs and just sticking to my fish , or even making another long fish
I’m in the northeast (Near Framingham MA) for at least a month right now and I’m hoping to surf once or twice before it gets too cold to surf in a 4:3 with boots. There haven’t been many days with decent conditions as far as I can tell while I’ve been here over the past two weeks. I do see this in the upcoming forecast and I’m wondering if anyone on here wants to weigh in if this seems like potentially rideable and fun waist high surf or if it’s likely too small or weak. It’s at least an hour drive to the surf and I would need to get a board to ride so any honest input would be appreciated. DM me if you have any input. I’m not looking to add to the crowd at the best spot but would love to have a few local waves in my memory especially if I’m here for longer than expected.

A Sponger on the cover? Thought it might be worth posting to see if anybody remembers this. I've been in the water during bodysurfing sessions with Mike Stewart ( and Cunningham, etc.) when he was out, he operates at a totally different level. Anyway, here it is.

Sorry, this post has been deleted.

I had a link to a blog with excellent internet comments that had some great poetry banters.

It would have been inspiring for the Jamboards community, but it's too much publicity for a surf spot that already struggles with an identity of being under the radar or mainstream.

For reference a sample:

"Take off, slash it back-
Drop knee shredders are on the attack.
They come from YYY, they come at night,
And take your fins son, they've got the right.
A wave swings in, far and wide,
Drop knee shredder is ready to ride.
Around his board swings, he looks down the line-
In his mind... everything's fine.
See, because when you've caught a wave and are paddling back,
Drop knee shredder is on the attack.
No matter how many cameras are on the beach,
These boys are about to learn the lesson he will teach-
Back paddling, my friend, is just a game,
for those who are nimble footed and seeking fame.
When Sprout 2 comes out, in all it's soulful glory,
At least we will all be able to tell this story-
About the time at "XXX" when the night was black...
And Drop knee shredders were on the attack!"


"Oh ZZZ, how you made me howl
About 3 drop-knee shredders at night on the prowl
Let's take a roll call of this ordeal's cast
So the lazy new readers can get it fast
There's "tom" and his chick, a menacing pair
And his crew who had too much fun, it wasn't fair
For the dweebs and the dorks with the local militia's ear
They rattled their sabers to cause great fear
You had Warren and Jim and some others too
All from XXX, probably a slew
Which guy was Jim, I can't quite recall
Pretty sure he was the one who kept pestering us all
With smiles and conversation, at first I was torn
A suckass and snake I'm sure now, since the day he was born
Then there's the cast of many an online badass
Since I can't see them, I'll just give them a pass
Guys like Marseille and the ex-Marine
Perhaps huge arms, no neck, nor brain between
I hope that Jim he's quite...
I have an O’Neill 4/3 mutant (the one with the removable crew neck and hood) that looks at me all of the time and asks, “why don’t you ever use me?”
Just looking for a place where it could get some love. I think I used it 2-3 times
Where should I put this thing?
I tried craigslist,let go, and evil bay. Not looking for a lot. A tank a gas and a cheesesteak (40-50 bucks) would set me right
Please advise
Sorry if you've seen this, but I hadn't :)

Spider Wills/Greg Weaver production. Who else was there then?
Do you like it? Is it a good vehicle for your surfing needs? in the market this month for a new car. steer me in the right direction! looking to buy, around $50k budget