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Lucero OG BARS pink stain gripped 45
Anti hero green giant gripped 45
8.5 creature pop stump gripped 40
Blank 8.5 pop Gripped 25
Bones STF 55 104A new in shrink 25
Bones STf 55 104 A light use 20
Bones SPF 58 mm used 15
Spitfire 58mm classics light use 20$

pm for package deals .
The craigslist flakes thread got me thinking that I have never had a jackass hit me up, nor have I been one. Well, this morning my luck ran out. I have a well used NSP tanker paddle board for sale @ @$475 with quickblade paddle on offer up and this is how the conversation went...

Him: Hi, is this still available?(3 days ago)

Me: yes (3 days)

Him: I can offer $350 please. (3 days)

Me: No thanks. I have passed on multiple offers in this range.(3 days)

Him: $400 is the best I can offer. (3 days).

Him: $350 you'll be helping me with my health. (1 day)

Him: I can take it off your hands TODAY (1 day)

Him: Or can we agree on $375? Please (1 day)

Him: BTW how long is the board? (1day)

Me: 11 ft x31" x 3 5/8". (1 day) ***i finally respond here even though dimensions are in the listing***

Him: If it's still available I would like to check it out for $400 (1 hour ago)

Me: Still available. Not interested in $400. Thanks.

Him: You said in our text that the lowest you will go is $400 (1 hour ago)

Me: Not true. Please reread. (1 hour ago).

******never had a txt exchange, all through app messaging as above*****

Him: Done with it, take that paddle and shove it deep in your stinky ass for the $75 dollar discount.
What a Dick Face!!

I have yet to respond (and at this point in time I probably won't....but, my first inclination was to hit send with:

"I will consider your advice but still not your offer."

I must admit that there is a dark part of me that wanted to send him on a wild goose chase...of cousre I wouldn't do it, but it crossed my mind.....

Ha, how would you respond?
The most important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing.
Dane Perlee / Osprey surfboards has finished my 10' board. Shipping to Kauai is... expensive. It would actually be cheaper to fly to San Diego, pick up the board, and fly home.

Are there any Jamboarders who are flying over to the islands anytime soon who wouldn't mind an extra board? Of course I would cover the luggage fee.
Unfortunately I was informed yesterday that Amtrak will be suspending their Express Shipping Program nationwide as of September 15th of this year.

There is no word on when it will resume. I know a lot of us use Amtrak as a responsible and reliable resource, but as for now, that service is going away until further notice.

I will be shipping everything I possibly can using Amtrak until they shut down. :-(
Scored this 6’ Boss the other day off a nice guy in Encinitas. Said he’s had the board for over a decade and had bought it from a younger guy back then..but never knew if that was the original owner. Hard to read Bob-O’s date written under the yellow..but looks like ‘99 (my 3rd Boss from that year).

I’m so curious if anyone has any info on these?? Was it once yours?? All the other Boss fans in my life have never seen anything so “shortboard-y”. It’s got the classic Boss uptuck rail in the first 1/3 and the bottom is belly all the way to V in the tail..which almost looks like bonzer style concave that dip out to the wings (acting as mini bonzer fins?). What a trip!

6’ x 2 5/8” x 21” 22AC6AC0-382B-4AA4-946B-6FD4D66CFC44.jpeg F2B631CA-D976-47BE-8375-9672506C1978.jpeg 303A1A47-31F3-4632-ADA2-2598D2572DC7.jpeg 32D07DD9-9103-4A53-A848-B51714F8A408.jpeg BEBBBB79-493E-4F52-84B7-CD29377F7CDA.jpeg
We Dodged a Bullet on this one stayed off shore. This a Storm with an unforgettable and unpronounceable Name Isaias. Now will we get some clean surf after it passes ?

Seeing as Ca is flat, here’s some waves to entertain you from down the coast from me.

Beautifully shot and beautiful surfing from Mike.
what an amazing weekend with my butt buddy @Tenfooter . Clean waist to chest waves on gliders, arguing with naragansett police and racist white grandmas. sharing waves with the entire family and drinking michiladas...the only thing that would have made this weekend better is you robocop!
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