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I'm curious if anyone loves or hates these? I have a wide-tailed CJ style log and a Heritage and Tyler Warren pivot and Greenough, but curious to try something different. They're not cheap so appreciate anyone's feedback before throwing down to experiment. Thanks!
Here we go gang! EB581464-A7CC-43E9-9304-A215FB347353.jpeg 8C6C0D6F-4204-45D0-85A7-82DD69A35BAC.jpeg EB581464-A7CC-43E9-9304-A215FB347353.jpeg 8C6C0D6F-4204-45D0-85A7-82DD69A35BAC.jpeg Brand Spanking new master work by our own Ding Patch.
How are you guys mixing up really small batches of polyester resin for say pin line work? Small graduated cups, syringes then into a cup? Are you doing the catalyst in percentages, cc's, or just approximating?

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Would be interesting to see if the looted boards, from a shop in Santa Monica, pop up here on the board.

Looks like a couple of Takayama mid-lengths.

Check the latest kookoftheday IG post to see what I'm talking about.

Ugh :mad:
This feels like one of those Craigslist missed connection posts...

I believe it would have been early 2017 and I bought a Larry Mayo longboard from you that you had custom shaped and didn't click with. It was 9'8 and had a slight, slight coke bottle tint to the volan.

Long story short I left the board in St. Augustine, Florida when I moved to Ventura, CA, it got passed around among friends until everyone moved away and it ended up in a friend's dad's garage when I finally had the idea to have it shipped out to me in Ventura since I haven't found a better longboard ever since.

I'm looking to ask you about the shape and characteristics that you were after when you had Larry shape it for you because my buddy's dad that dropped the board off at Ricky Carroll's shop to ship to me is having Ricky shape him a duplicate board.

Hope to talk to you soon!
I bought a new Dome port for my water housing. Took it out yesterday in less then stellar conditions cloudy with shifting winds. Small wind chopped waves. what the hell I was only seeing how the doom would work for those over under shots.
I did get a couple of good shots. Not pro level. But very happy with the first session with the doom port.
Check them out in the Photo section.
Had this for 15 + years. Was told Skip and Joe traded it for some grub when it was built for the Beach Snacks 3FEE7F7A-4EE8-4159-804A-0C79B3C25642.jpeg 5FE2CF87-E7DE-4CFF-BC82-7F688AFF511F.jpeg 13CF0044-0AC2-4EB5-AA35-FED6548B2D9B.jpeg 902BF1E6-4419-4E2A-A1A3-82B282F064A4.jpeg
I've been thinking about a longer mini simmons in the 7'-9' range for the summer.
Anybody surfing them have thoughts / recommendations?
Anybody selling one?
I'd be looking for a rider, nothing too fancy.

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