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Hey Jammers, My dad is 93 and selling his 2005 Sienna XLE LTD with 90k old guy miles. It lives in La Quinta and other than golf clubs its had nothing in it so its in great shape and well maintained. I will be in town dec 19 to 28 to help him show it. Will be busy with the holidays and all the stuff we need to do while in country so if you are interested and serious and can get together during that time frame PM me. no actual photos because he just got the bug to sell but here are comps https://www.kbb.com/cars-for-sale/c...=75&atcmakecode=toyota&atcmodelcode=all&nr=25
Curious how much of a crossover there is water to frozen water sports.
What’s everyone riding this year? I am liking the Chris Christenson Jones collabs a lot.
Im not sure how many here had a chance to watch the WSL Longboard competition in Taiwan.
Here is a link
NO spoilers. Please do the same if you comment.

The contest was held in solid challenging conditions to begin with, all days were solid HH or better. When the contest site maxed-out and turning in it VOS conditions due to a Typhoon off the coast contest director and perennial Jamboard favorite Devon Howard managed to get the contest moved to a near by left point break that was more favorable to the wind direction and overall a much higher quality wave. This is a point that so seldomly breaks they were simply calling it the Left and later the Unicorn.

The last 2 days were so make-shift that judges were set up in a bus and the commentators hunkered down in the back of a VW Eurovan watching the contest on a monitor. Wingnut and the Hawaiian woman( sorry I never caught her name) did excellent color commentary.
The camera crew were definitely the most exposed and yet did an insane job.

Whether you ride a longboard in everything or opt for better suited(imo) equipment you might enjoy seeing how top ranked contest surfers handle well over head waves with screaming off shore winds.
In addition to the shear ballsiness of the surfers (men and women) to properly surf longboard in very challenging conditions it is also interesting to contrast styles and high-performance vs traditional boards and their riders.

Sadly, I watch a lot of WSL (yes, i have no life) and only recently since Devin started directing, the wsl longboarding. That said I can usually only watch contest surfing in small doses since it is usually too boring (mainly due to low quality conditions) and the commentators too toady even for my low standards. Watching with the sound off is always a good idea. This contest however was...
What do people do ritualistically before winter surf? Specific tunes? Hot Beverages? Particular boards people favor in winter conditions? Pet your magic chihuahua?Let’s hear the quirkinesses. ‘‘Tis the season
... a great dawn session or a great sunset session?
Headed to the left coast mid-January and driving from San Diego to San Francisco over 10 days. This is a dream trip for my wife but she doesn't surf. She wants to see the coast and some of the towns and vineyards along the way. We're going to spend a few days in Santa Barbara, a few more in Santa Cruz, a couple in Paso Robles and a few in Monterey. Anyone have any recommendations for places and things to see along the way or in the areas I mentioned? She likes good restaurants and nice beaches (we're spoiled here in NC). I'm going to have a few boards with me so looking to do a little surfing, too! Thanks everyone!
This may sound like a dumb question, what what can you tell me about the Ventura area? And surrounding areas like Oxnard. A bit inland is okay, but not more than half an hour, max. That probably sounds spoiled, heck - it probably is - but if I am going to make a change it needs to be closer to the ocean than I am now.

Surf, of course, that seems pretty obvious, but in terms of living there?

Traffic, housing, general experience(s)?

I am thinking of applying for a position and literally haven't been up that way in 25 years. Time flies!
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