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Has anyone ever heard of this place? https://surfcampsiberut.com/

8 days 7 nights days with 3 meals a day $500 for one person or $744 for two people.
Has any one on here ridden a Frye TC? would love to hear of any experiences riding. Im yet to get this one in the water.

Also some help on value, I have the board pictured and would like hear members thoughts on current value. This a 9'6, fin box, scoop nose with V through the tail. Bottom has seen a lot of sun, deck is in much nicer condition. But board is water tight and ready to ride.

I know frye fish and eagles can go for crazy money. Have not seen any of these nose rider types for sale before recently.
This just showed up in my inbox. haven’t had time to dig through the fine print yet but interesting idea.

Just walked back inside after unpacking my new board!
10'x23"x3 1/4

I wanted a fast noserider so Dane suggested starting with a speed demon and giving a little more width. I'm both excited and scared about taking it out this evening.

IMG_20200929_100803.jpg Even the truck that delivered it was cool!
IMG_20200929_100937.jpg Boxed with two boards from Joe Blair that a friend shipped out.
IMG_20200929_102814.jpg Blair Boards- Wide and super light, look fun to ride in softer waves.

Bottom up...

Top Side
First morning in a long time that it was cold outside. Winter's on its way, so...

Finally ready to go with a heated vest, and wanted to check in with those of you who have gone this route... as it's a pretty spendy buy-in.

Durabilty? Sizing? Comfort? Any other brands worth checking out?

Many thanks!
Alas, I am a goofy footer in the land of epic righthand point breaks. I can limp my current board (8'0 Spence) going right just fine but when I find a good left it really comes alive, like night and day. Is this just the nature of the beast? User error?
Looking for recommendations on a backside friendly hulls / hullish boards in the the 7'6" - 8'6" range.
I just put a Magic on layaway and I am pretty stoked to see what these are all about. Mine is a single fin and I am unsure how to fin these. I have searched through a lot of the posts but most seem to reference a 2 + 1 setup.

Me: 115 lbs, used to riding big heavy noseriders

East coast beachbreak. I have other boards to ride when its choppy/dumpy/ultra short period, so the Magic would probably be my go-to in small clean conditions.
So there's a very good chance my daughter and I will be heading to the NJ/NY area sometime in October and we're interested in booking a session (anywhere from an hour to several hours) at the pool opening near the Meadowlands.

I've been in touch with the operators and basically we're going to need to book privates because of COVID restrictions. Registration just opened today and while I don't have my hard dates yet, I'm wondering if anybody on here would be interested if we end up getting a group together. Pricing is $1800 an hour so the amount would be divided between whatever number end up attending. Based on my Waco experience (same underlying technology), I'm thinking 9 total would be ideal but that's just a starting point. That would be $200 a person per hour and more waves than you ever get in a week of regular surfing. That said, it can accommodate 20 people max and I assume we would want to book multiple hours if possible.

While my daughter is mostly interested in the air and barrel settings, my understanding is that they can essentially dial "a playlist" of different waves for different people and their preferences. In other words, cruisers and alternative equipment folks -- even beginners -- would be happy. Personally, I found the intermediate setting at BSR to be a perfect replication of small Rincon cove ... perfect for mids, fishes, etc. (I rode a bonzer MBLV.)

Anyway, we have other people we might reach out to but I figured I'd post here just to see. You can PM me or reply here if you're at all interested ...

April 4, 2020, Santa Monica Pier.

No one out

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