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Yesterday I got off a little early and met my wife for some clear sky, no wind, late afternoon surf. It was a little off, but an occasional set wave meant that some waves had potential. I took off for my first left way too far inside, but way further left than usual. It closed out on me and after a vain attempt to scoot past i jumped back into the 4 foot of white water and got washed around. The reef is shallow so I gathered up my board and started paddling hard. But the next wave in was coming. I could make it over without taking it on the head, however, a girl on a longboard was in perfect position, I saw her look at me so I made on obvious turn toward the whitewater so she knew she was clear. She was able to keep her line on a head high beauty. I turtled and got washed in. When I tried to roll back I kicked the reef, hard. I knew I would be bleeding and it hurt. But that's what happens sometimes, and the surfer on the wave has a right to a good ride.

I caught a few of those set waves. Set up in great position. And on EACH AND EVERY ONE, some numbnut was paddling up the face, on my line, rather than take it on the head. I went over, around and almost thru them. One stole a very clean noserideable highline from me. She knew it because she quickly looked over at me after the wave was done- then paddled to a different break.

Please don't paddle a face that a surfer is using so you can avoid a duck dive or a turtle roll.

On the bright side a whale and her calf started breaching and playing only a couple hundred feet away as I was walking out.
So being a little OCD about my boards, I wanted to get your thoughts on what to do about some cracks around my fin box.

Here are some pic links...


When I run my fingernail over it, it does catch on the crack. It doesn't look like it's taken on water...yet.

So...should I just throw some Solarez on it and call it a day? Or sand down (almost) to the foam/box and put some new cloth on? Or go crazy and throw in a new box? I feel like in all of the boards I've owned, I've never gotten any cracks around a Futures fin box that's on my Takayama Model T. It has rounded edges unlike the usual boxes that are rectangular.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!
Anyone used? I ordered the full slick long john as the shipping was free and it was only 180 usually go to ryo for all my stuff but figured at 180 shipped i would give it a try

The recent "WTB" got me remembering, , , , ,

Time flies but about 15 years ago, , , , I was working locally for a fairly large Defense Contractor. I was the Subcontracts Admin who bought all of the glass and carbon fiber parts for the Mast Mounted Sight system on the Army's OH-58D Kiowa Warrior scout helicopter, , , ,

So, the original, long time, supplier of the parts was located just south of LA and I'd fly out to harass them whenever I could. I'm there for a Program Review one day and I'm having a casual conversation with one of the engineers. He says, ", , , , you surf?" Yep, life long. "I've got something to show you, , , ,". He leaves the conference room and comes back with the untrimmed front half of the very first carbon fiber Bisect! I knew what it was and told him that I was fairly familiar with Pope Bisects. "You know Mr. Pope?" Well, no, but EVERYBODY knows who he is. But, it seems that nobody at the company had any idea what-so-ever! Morey Pope? Nope. Boogie Boards? Nope, etc. They thought that he was just some eccentric LA kook. So, anyway, this caused them to have a big "stir" and all of their executives came in to talk about just who this Carl Pope guy was.
looks like we may have a couple golfers on here, what's in your bag?

Me: callaway apex 19 irons, mack daddy 60 - 56 - 52 wedges, M5 driver (graphite design BB 6S shaft) ping G400 3 wood, callaway big bertha 3 hybrid, scotty cameron fastback 1.5 putter

all in all a total hacker!!!
It's not a midlength, it's not a mini-glider and definitely not a hull.

It's a Wombat. Dammit.

Smukes vision of a one and done transition shape realized by expert hands of Jim the "genius" Phillips.

These boards are a funking gas. I had Croweaters for a while and asked Jim to make me a thinner and narrower one. this is 8'10 x 22 & something by 2 3/4. Take a minute to feast your eyes on the rails and rocker.

Thanks Jim (and Andrew)

IMG_0029 (1).jpg IMG_0032.jpg IMG_0047.jpg
Any Jammers in the Nashville area, in addition to FirstPointEric?

I'm pretty sure that I am once again going into the "Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant" system at the VA Medical Center at Vanderbilt. If it comes to pass, I'll be there this summer for 2 to 3 months.
hey guys!

We’re heading out to Tahoe at the end of the season for hopefully some fun spring skiing. We need to rent skis and boots for our daughter who’s 15. She’s an advanced skier so will want some fairly decent kit but since she’s been growing the last few years we haven’t bought her her own kit yet.

It seems like ski rental is a lot more expensive than in Europe. Does anyone have any tips or links to a good value rental location.

We need 10 or 11 days hire and we’re gonna be based in south lake but flying in and out of sf so happy to detour for cheaper rental on the way through.

Thanks jam boards hive mind in advance!


New to the forum. Happy to be here.

Looking at a 9'6" Hobie Harmony and wondering if anyone has experience with one. Thoughts welcome.

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