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Was considering "Smoking Crack and Leveraging Surf Culture" as a title but decided against it. Anyway, allow me to start this thread off with the following targeted advertisement for us all to laugh at.
Interested seeing who has older Belly boards. Been on the hunt for a hansen one, just aquired one will post pictures later.

Just a fun thread seeing whats out there as these done seem to come up much.
Looking to check out someplace new, maybe CR, Mainland MX or even Baja. Planning on a solo trip for a week in January most likely. Does anyone have experience/ideas/links/contacts for this? I’m a beginner/intermediate surfer, 49 years old looking for a relatively easy paddle out to a preferably right point break...I’m not that picky but I don’t want to battle fierce beach breaks and I can’t really duck dive. I’d most likely be surfing a mid length, bigger fish or maybe a longboard depending on the wave and available boards (I’d bring one key board & rent the others, I think). I can handle up to double overhead waves (again, depending on the shape), but would prefer shoulder to slightly overhead, more mellow waves. So ideally the location would have several breaks accessible for different levels or weather conditions.

I’m planning to travel alone, don’t drink alcohol, but don’t mind a party scene. My needs are near the super basic end of things, just a shower and kitchen in a not too grubby place. Don’t need high end accommodations at all.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance Jammers!

Surfline cam up at Rincon. Obviously not a secret spot, but this probably won't help keep numbers down...


Cam's not actually live it looks like, responding to community upset?
So I thought I would share this so at least a few Jammers would feel like they are not alone! In my teens surfing around San Diego, we went from twin fins to tri fins to quads and boards kept getting shorter and shorter; ended up with a 5'4 quad that I sank about a foot underwater but super fun when you actually caught a decent wave. Then my college days at UCSB surfing the points and beach breaks, my boards were in the low 6' range- mostly thrusters as this was the 90's and that's what you did (wish I would have tried a fish).

Flash forward to today, surfing more now than ever since I am fortunate enough to live a block or so from a clean little point wave but my boards seem to be growing! Can't get enough of midlengths! Tried longboards (fun, very fun) but just not my thing. Sort of like when I play golf- I take the club back slow but when I see that ball I can't resist and all hell breaks loose on the downswing- like a nice punchy lined up wave---the drop is clean and soul-full but then that beautiful shoulder pealing needs to be carved up.

Anyone else suffering from what I will call this, "midlength crisis?"

8DD414DC-446A-4145-A0F1-4CA32E4B2477.png Common site during Nor Easter’s
Comment on beach was wanna paddle out
Replay was nah gonna wait till it builds
carry on.
Hello all,

I have my father's Greg Noll Stemwinder board (a few pics attached). I'm trying to understand a rough value. There is some minor damage, but overall decent shape. 9ft 10 inches with the single fin. Any guidance is appreciated.
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