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I have had a 7'4" Lost Smooth Operator for about a year now. I still have not really connected with it. I had one great day on it when the conditions were perfect. Almost every other time i have taken it out and it was either big and closed out or too small and mushy. Looks like a decent swell coming in next week and i am going to make myself ride it more and try to connect with it as it seems perfect on paper. I am wondering others experiences on this board? I have tried single, 2+1 and quad. I currently have a captain fin TW quad set on it that happen to be what i tried on the good session i had with it.

Anyone else love or hate this board or other thoughts on it? Fin Preferences?

In theory this is my short board

I went into Beach House today and they had a Bandito on the used rack that was never waxed. It was too good of a deal to pass up so I brought it home. Any body on here spent any time with one?
Has anyone used one of these? Or any tips for quicker drying of 4/3mm and thicker besides the squeeze/wait cycle or without sun?

Any jammers able to pick up a board for me and take it to bings surfshop?
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Hey Jammers,

I hope you and yours have a nice Thanksgiving!

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I noticed possible delam along the stringer on the bottom of one of my favorite boards a month or two ago. I noticed this morning that it may have extended further along the stringer but then again I may just have not noticed it before bc it's only visible in the right light. You can see in the picture below where the left side of the stringer appears darker. Then it appears as though the stringer is bisected diagonally where it is lighter on the right. There is a barely detectable rise along the diagonal which continues forward along the stringer for 3 inches or so.

I'm inclined to let it go since I only ride it occasionally and it doesn't appear that bad but I've never had a board with delam issues.

If I don't do anything, will the delam continue until the board is ruined? Or does delam stop when it gets to a point on the board where the fiberglass to foam bond is not compromised? With a clear board it might be easier to say what the underlying issue is but this board has a fairly intricate resin tint top and bottom.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks PXL_20201125_133153397~2.jpg
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I grabbed one of my Uncles ( Max McDonald) old boards used. I called him up and let him know and asked about fins... Now i love my uncle but he is all about big waves or no waves. So fin recommendations from him are based on waves that are much bigger than i surf, but he said put something small in there like 6.5" no bites for small waves further back in the box. Berfore i spoke with him I rode it yesterday with a 8.5" finger fin in small waves and it was tracky.

Anyways board is 9'2" x 22" x 2 7/8". 14.5" tail.. not much nose rocker and medium tail rocker

Crazy bottom contours... rolled nose to concave, beveled rails kind of like a Stewart, to Vee / double concave tail to vee out the back. The rail is hard from tail up to about 18" above box.

Board to my eye is like a mix of glider, HPLB, Gun? I am hoping for it to be kind of a point and shoot long board for bigger days in Oceanside when its kind of that big but somewhat hightide mushy waves we get here.

Has anyone rode a board like this in average North County SD conditions with a single small fin? I know gliders have smaller fins in proportion to length, why? Is it less drag and since you are mostly going straight it does not matter how you turn off the fin?

Anyway curious on others experiences on smaller fins on bigger boards.