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    Your favorite surfboard and why?

    9’0” Tyler Mini Zeke diamond tail. This board is versatile enough that when it’s all I have with me and the waves are bigger than expected, it still works. Something about the nose rocker makes it special for me. Handles NJ beach break well. 8’ Campbell Bros. Alpha Omega. Paddles into...
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    Calling all Cooperfish-aficionados

    Hi Dave, I could be wrong but o seem to remember that the way to tell whether Matt of Gene shaped it is by the shape of the points on the “boards” on the outer edge of the logo. Either they are rounded or pointy, depending on which shaper. Unfortunately I forget which is which...
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    Twin-ning a Tri-Fin

    This 6’8’ LSD works really great with a twin set up
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    FS /FT 9’9” CJ designs Parallax

    A trade has been made.... this board was a lot lighter and floatyer than I thought but the shape is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Just not what I’m used to but probably a really fun board
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    FS /FT 9’9” CJ designs Parallax

    Looking for a twin or twinzer long fish >8’ in NJ. Board has one professionally repaired ding on nose with slight discoloration but is new.
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    COVID-19 Who had/has it?

    Had Covid-19 last spring also. 103 fever for 10-12 days. Lost sense of smell and taste. After nine days of 103 fever, took doctors advice and went to emergency room, where they x-rayed and tested me and sent me home with anabiotic prescription. Doctor said as long as I can hold my breath for 10...
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    Looks like Gerry Lopez sold out

    If Mick Fanning and Ben Gravy can do it, why not Gerry? Good on him!
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    ISO: Tom Curren

    There’s a lot of guys on here wondering how “pretty” you are. Pics please...
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    ISO CJ Nelson Parallax

    It’s not me... But after reading about the Paralax here on the forum I took another look at the one that has been sitting on the rack at my local shop (Surfers Supplies) since last summer, and they were nice enough to put it on layaway for me. Good luck in your search.
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    Your one indespensable longboard?

    Best longboard I ever owned - Caster 9’8”
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    Post Your Quiver

    The AO with extra length has been really fun! It’s a good board when the waves are too steep or big to longboard and still duck dives. It took me a few seasons to click with it but once it did, it really proved to be a jem.
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    Longboard style masters

    Sorry I’m not that tech savvy yet, but the ones I saw were posted somewhere on JB before.
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    Post Your Quiver

    10’4” Ramsey Jay 4 stringer 10’ Christenson square tail Slider 9’8” Tyler 777 9’4” 67 Bahne 9’ Tyler Mini-Zeke diamond tail 8’6” Tyler Mini-Zeke pin tail 8’6” 60s Bahne 8’4” Andrieni Serena 8’ CB Alpha Omega 7’1” Josh Hall quad 7’4” Tyler Hairpin 7’ CI Machado single fin G2 6’10” Pavel...
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    Longboard style masters

    Tyler Hatzikian leashless on big waves
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    New Jam Look

    Didn’t think the forum could get much better, but this is really nice! Thank you!

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