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    Andreini special k vs vaquero

    9.5" phd has worked well for me in a number rolled bottom midlengths. Great fin.
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    Fins for sale

    Will take that 7” Volan and 10” red fin!
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    Jamboards Flipping Internet Police :)

    What not to do when you first join Jamboards.
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    The Rules... when and from where did they appear?

    Should come free with wavestorm.
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    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Sounds like you'll be in great hands over in Nashville. Sending positive vibes and rooting you on!!
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    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Very gracious of you to say @Bruce Fowler. Thank you, and I definitely picked up on the complimentary tone. Feels great. The stoked is high!
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    Shaper thread (show us what you are shaping)

    Just got this one back from glassing. Was a beast to foil and refine as I went with the US Blanks 10'2 BX which comes with an extra 1/4 of thickness. Reason being, I wanted a specific thickness near the back 1/3 of the board that I felt could be more easily achieved with a thicker blank. I ended...
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Interesting. Yea, that board on the left is def showing thickness in the tail. I think savvy shapers are sneaking more foam into their boards without explicitly saying so. On an average SoCal swell, its going to pay dividends.
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I’ll take you up on that. PM coming...
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Great thread! Im right in the middle of shaping an 8’4 double ender with bottom contours similar to the outlier. I was going to roll the entire bottom, but decided to go with a flat in the tail like the outlier and other variations on hulls I’ve seen. CJ surfing his board may have influenced the...
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    Paul Gross on 4a’s ([email protected])

    Paul is without question a master fin craftsman and fount of surf wisdom, and he’s spot on in regards to the stock 4a . Having said that, when I got my first car and went to buy tires, I didn’t want “the best” I just wanted something that was the best value that everyone else trusted. Most...
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    Looking for 7'2 - 7'4 Haley Pin or ReBowls in Jersey

    Haley Pin is the way to go. Ryan made a comment recently on IG about the HP being very true to the original Lovelace Lizzy. Having seen both, he’s right. The vBowls vs ReBowls on the other hand... two different boards with two very different bottom contours. The latter is not a substitue for...
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    Favorite Kookisms

    Thread of the week! Making me feel better after too many drop ins and semi-dangerous encounters with the Covid Surf Team...
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    Fins for sale

    PM'ed on zeeeee Floooooow fin