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    Kirk / MPE intel

    +1 on that. And Mollusk’s name comes first. Might say something about whose leading this ship
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    Kirk / MPE intel

    @Dom_Minh_O - Yea man! Thanks for that side by side. The Andreini looks pretty lifted in that rear end. I believe my buddy's 8 something Vaquero only had 2" in the tail, so MPE music be nearly nothing? However sometimes pictures can be deceiving. Appreciate the shots tho! @BigBoard - Another...
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    Kirk / MPE intel

    +1 very curious about these as well
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    WTB: Mandala surfboard suitable for intermediate 190lb surfer

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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Lucked my way into an interesting Vaquero edgeboard thanks to @kclibman and @mitch44. Was lamenting not having the proper fin to an acquaintance in the water, who promptly mentioned he had a power blade in the back of his car and loaned it to me. Swell came in. Wind stayed down. Sun was shining...
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    Fantastic Acid "Fowler Inspired V-Bottom"

    Just saw Tristan post this: Here is 2x designs I’m developing and hand shaping specially for @townandcountrysurfdesigns 7’4 and 7’2 Planing Hulls bottom shape but the right one is a Fowler’s “stoker” inspired, and I clearly used my v-bottoms templates to create it. Phase one of design is done...
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    Free O'Neill Women's Wetsuit 4/3 size 8T

    And in case you were wondering, that was not a fun conversation.
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    Free O'Neill Women's Wetsuit 4/3 size 8T

    Thanks, but I'm letting the wetsuit go. Apparently I have no idea how tall wifey is.
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    Mabile twinzer winged fish beater - $50, Los Angeles

    Asking $50!! Another flipper just out to make a buck
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    Are Aussie Style Noseriders Back in Style?

    Yea I think Wayne said he was calling the collab shape that he and Devon worked on the “Model D” - at least I think that’s what I read that somewhere on Wayne’s IG
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    JC Nelson

    A nice settlement might cushion the cost of that 9" PHD i just ordered...
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    JC Nelson

    Don't know why but I like the sound of that...