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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    If the seller is making his way out to Long Beach to surf at all, I can hold it for ya.
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    Starting to look for a Bisect...

    Wait, so are we talking about France, or are we talking about NYC? Where do you normally surf? If it's NYC and you're coming out to either Long Beach or Rockaway I'm sure you can either find a locker or see if someone on here can help you out with some storage space.
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    Fowler V8 for sale

    how do the V8's work when theyre small, like this one (pics appreciated): 31617. V8 4+1 5'6"x20-1/4x2-1/2". BF Art Btm Design
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    WTB: Mini Simms - Northeast

    bumping this up, still looking for a classic style mini simmons (twin keel)
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    Quality board rentals recs in NY

    If you find that you want an 8 foot foamie and in Long Beach, let me know, I'm happy to lend as well.
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    Twisted circumstances

    I assume we are talking horizontal storage here. Are there any related consequences to storing them as you would see them in a surf shop (lined up vertical with dowel style spacers, rubber mat below from dinging contact point with floor).
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    I SUMMON THY UNICORN! - 6'0 Von Sol Shadow - Poly

    I currently have a 5'4 that suits me pretty well so probably right there up to 5'6 max.
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    I SUMMON THY UNICORN! - 6'0 Von Sol Shadow - Poly

    If it comes to it, I'll place an order with you for a new Manta and split shipping. (located in NY)
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    Post Your Quiver

    I haven't ridden it yet, that's one of the boards that just came in. However, I did have a 7'2 in the past that I really liked. I found that it had decent paddle power but also handled some faster dumpy waves.
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    Post Your Quiver

    Got a two pack in the mail the other day, and had some time to clean all the boards up and snap a quick pic 5'4 Von Sol Flying Manta 5'8 Stamps TKF 5'7 Stretch Superbuzz 5'6 Stretch 5150 6'8 Stretch It Beater / 8'0 Foamie for the kiddos 9'0 Stamps Axis
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    Wanted - Futures center fin for thruster setup

    I can send you this set if you wanna pay for shipping (probably $10, im in NY)