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    Winter suits..... anticipation

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    Black Rose Mfg. who has tried them?

    Have had the Deviated Septum for about a year a a half. Heavy board and works for me, as advertised. 3rd longboard in 30 years, so my ability to make meaningful comparisons is limited.
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    Winter suits..... anticipation

    I bought that suit in a pinch last winter, when I mailed out the Patagonia for a 2nd repair, and was very happy.
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    Midlength travel bags: what are you using?

    Pro-lite, though the bag is very wide. Wish there were more options on width. Like the suggestion for bubble wrap.
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    He has been a welcome addition to the family. Getting a little concerned he might be an only child.
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    Wetsuit....quiver? (Northeast folks)

    Same as many others. 3/2 June through October/(easier than sunblock in the summer) 4/3 November through late December 5/4 Christmas through Easter 4/3 late April through early June
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    Fastest rooftop rack/strap system

    Lost the key for these, but they still work fine as quick straps.
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    I was up at the other peak at that beach and heard the hooting and cheers. Great to see people enjoying themselves in the water. A big improvement from this time of year in 2020, when many NE beaches were gated and locked.
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    For those of you that count, how’d you do last year?

    I too, was inspired to start counting again. I used to keep logs, some years were more detailed than others. I generally always recorded location, size and some comment about conditions. Curious about what others, who keep track, keep track of? January surfed 9 times, by the way. Not great.
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    Wetsuits not made to last! Anyone else experiencing this more now than in the past?

    I went to take a 5/4 Patagonia, to start its third season, a week ago and the zipper just fuzed solid. Was always freshwater rinsed and put away under care. Suit is now shipped off to repair facility for the second time. The old front zip winter wetsuits were stiffer yes, but also much quicker...
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    Between Sets...

    If I am alone I sing or lilt. Only place in my life where I do that. With others around, there is usually someone to catch up with. Either way it is never boring.
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    Calling Gearheads: Patagonia Wetsuits?

    I wore a Yulex 5/4 for the last two winters (December/January-April) in New England. Agreed on comments about a stiff suit. Company was very good about a repair. My biggest complaint is the flushing, which is worse at the feet. I am torn between supporting the environmental and labor...
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    Surf Craft Union Surfboard Review

    I found the clock in the background distracting, but overall like the premise. Good luck,
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    Surfing Nova Scotia

    I have family and the province and have made about 25 trips. My advice would be to go to Lawrencetown area. It is on the outskirts of metro Halifax to combine services with surf. As with any east coast surf trip, unless you are going in mid-September on a known hurricane, it is a roll of the...