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    Surf + Family Vehicle

    Picked up a 2022 RAV4 hybrid. Great family car with 2kids and my wife, and best of all, I can fit a 10’ squaretail log with a creatures bag, and it’s not touching the front window. Gets about 40 mpg and I can go into stores without worrying about it getting jacked off the roof rack.
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    In search of the ultimate cruiser

    Really like the 8’0 Lib Tech pickup Stick. Chined rails like the Stewart hydrohulls. Light but dampens well. Paddles into everything but loose enough for fun cutbacks like a much shorter board.
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    I have the 10’ Neo Classic. I have had many longboards in the past and I love this board. Rides more like a 9’6 but paddles it’s length. Easy to walk on and forgiving for newer surfers that I let borrow it. Just a great board.
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    SPOTTED: Hunt Customs For Sale (not mine)

    I am the guy who probably bought it off of you and had the same problem. Sold it a few months later. Good quality materials overall though.
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    Gato Heroi vs. Christenson

    Picked up a used Gato Heroi - Daley Driver in excellent condition. 9'5 x 21 x 2.5 It has become, well... my daily driver. Coming from a shortboard background, this board does not seem too narrow, and the rocker is spot on. I have owned a handful of logs. This one is the most maneuverable of the...