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    FS: Boards

    Wegener is SOLD! Dropping the Hank fish to $400. Adding, again, this Bing that I go off and on about selling. $300 Also adding this Baby V to the mix which I just got. Paid $650, rode once. Had Ding King do a repair and redo a couple of other repairs on the board. Would like $700...
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    FS: Boards

    Bump and price drop!
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    FS: 9’6” DanO Pig

    Thanks for the interest KTM, this is sold
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    WTB - Sunrise Boardwalks Hollow Fin - Liddle Template

    I actually tried to order one from Brad. He said not to waist my money as they are not noticeably more or less flexible than the standard composition and they cost twice as much. Just FYI
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    FS: Fins

    Both fins are sold. Thank you!
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    FS: Fins

    Both fins tentatively sold.
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    FS: Fins

    Both custom from Brad Heath, both Volan with polish finish, no tint. Paid $120 each to my door. $100 shipped. 9.5 Stage 3. Like new other than small rash on leading edge. Surfed maybe 3 times. Custom sized 9.25 Liddle. As new, I think I surfed it twice.
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    FS: Boards

    Bought a camper shell for my truck… trying to offset the cost. Local pickup in Encinitas. 7’6” Wegener Almost Gentleman. Picked this up the other week, but oh well. One pro repair by nose. One ugly home repair from previous owner. One spot taped up. Colored foam. $Sold 5’8 Hank Warner Fish...
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    WTB: 8.5 Volan Skip Fin

    Long shot… Condition doesn’t matter. Thank you!
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    Stuff For Sale

    Pig is sold!
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    Stuff For Sale

    Fin is sold. someone would be really stoked on this pig!
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    WTB: 5’10-6’ Fish Board Bag PLZ

    Jamboards came through. Thanks Scott!
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    Stuff For Sale

    PM sent

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