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    Kick out

    Been working on my kick outs a lot lately and getting go to the point where i can turn and catch my board and then keep paddling at least some of the time but i never seem to know what to do with my front foot. Do y’all step back with the front foot? Lift it with the turn? Or do what i do and...
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    what are people listening to today?

    this is an all time favorite!
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    Spanish language school near some quality surf?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an actually good (read: not for beginners and backpackers) spanish immersion school with surfing opportunities? I speak decent spanish but want/need to do a medical intensive for work and would be so stoked to be able to surf during downtime. Planning for...
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    Fins: A-Flex, Bryce, Christenson

    PMing about the PHD!
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    SURFING Magazine 79-81

    Just curious-- What for specifically?
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    Kodiak, AK

    I've spent a lot of time there but never surfed (always working too much). But I've heard that there are frequently stellar sea lions in the lineup! Glad your friend had it all to herself!
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    Not Katherine! Sorry!

    Not Katherine! Sorry!
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    Your life outside of surfing

    31 y/o nurse living in LA working in long beach. I started surfing 8 years ago only maybe once a month in washington state but am blessed to be able to go out 2-3 times a week now in southern california. I have a fun little crew and my regular spots are all only 30-45 minutes away. Working three...
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    Has anyone ever done a Work Holiday Visa in Australia?

    Do it! I had a friend who lived in NZ for a year on that visa working seasonally for vineyards. Seems like a fun gig and a good place to meet other travelers and maybe surfers.
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    Vans x Crocs

    Sorry Dylan Graves but you can't convince me to stop wearing my sweet sweet crocs
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    County Line, really?

    yeah this guy is tripping. normal lineup and friendly parking lot crew of older guys drinking tall cans and hanging
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    LA repairs

    Foam EZ in HB has got all the ding repair stuff and friendly people if you decide to DIY (now or in the future!) They also sell the ding repair scriptures which has been a helpful book for moi