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    WTB Michael Takayama Annihilator

    Was just coming here to post that! Comments says it’s a 9’6.
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    Twisted fin?

    I’m an idiot and can’t visualize how to do this (I have the same twisted fin problem). So I’m using the blocks of wood on either side of the fin and just clamping it straight?
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    5’8 Mandala Microlight ASQ

    Justin doesn’t glass for Manny anymore, you can never get another carbon Mandala! Holding onto mine for dear life!
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    Surfing Punta Mita

    Check out Sayulita for sure! If you’re with the fam, it’s a cool little town that you won’t feel bad having your wife/kids explore while you surf. There’s a woman who runs a rental shop right on the break, she has a sweet little 9’2 Diamond tail Tudor you can rent.
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    Unhinged surfboards / Dane Peterson

    Just felt a buddies up today. Pretty foiled, narrow nose, light for a log, felt really good and I’m also going to go ahead and order one.
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    Fish Simmons fins

    On topic; why are there no good videos of fish Simmons being ridden?
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    Unhinged surfboards / Dane Peterson

    Lot of people riding/ripping on them at Bu. They look really good, and if I hadn’t ordered a Dane Perlee 8 months ago, I would be ordering a Dane Peterson now! If I did order one now, I still might get it before my Perlee!
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    If you were to order a brand new noserider today, what would you get?

    Dane Peterson sling blade. Felt one up at Bu, looks and feels amazing.
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    Custom surfboard color not what expected.

    @Mkpultra Who glasses for Dane? Im thinking about ordering one, what was your wait time?
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    Tanner log ride reports?

    Yeah or at least feel it up! The fin was gorgeous, I would be too scared to surf that thing low tide anywhere haha.
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    Tanner log ride reports?

    I surfed with a guy that works at Daydream who was on that board. He has access to a full quiver of boards to try from there, and he said he only grabs this one. He said he offered to buy it from them but they had to keep it as a demo model haha. I can't tell you how it rides, but he looked...
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    Calling Gearheads: Patagonia Wetsuits?

    I had a 3/2 that I wore twice and gave away. Not comfortable at all to me.
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    Greenough stage 3 anyone use?

    That was my first thought upon seeing it. Looks very similar to the Thomas fin

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