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    Brand New Lovelace V-Bowls fin

    Hi, I ordered an 8.5” v bowls fin under the influence last week. I quickly realized I did not really need it. So now it’s for sale... or trade for a 10” or 10.5” 4A fin or 4A style fin (please no junk) $65 shipped
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    WTB - Black Rose Dark Horse or Deviated Septum

    Looking for either board in 9’6 and above
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    Your favorite stringer ever thread

    2” I believe
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    Your favorite stringer ever thread

    I love my current board with the thick balsa stringer.
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    FS: 6'6 John Wesley Spacepin

    Any idea on how much to ship to FL? 34275
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I’ve been eyeing the outlier. I’ve never bought a board from a larger brand so if there is a better alternative let me know. Either way, if anyone has this board and has feedback let me know.
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    Where are the wetsuits?

    I have been on the hunt for a 3/2 chestzip wetsuit size LS for a few weeks now. Ive tried all the local shops and tried to order from multiple sites only to have the orders canceled? is COVID to blame or is this a greater conspiracy to keep my sessions shorter?
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    Do you want to crank turns, glide, get tubed?
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    Best Board for Shoulder Injury

    So much good advice. This is why I love this community
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    Best Board for Shoulder Injury

    I’d rather lose an arm than ride any of those boards
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    Best Board for Shoulder Injury

    I have either a partial or total rotator cuff tear. I have been rehabbing but will be starting PT and possibly surgery at end of the month. I’m wondering what boards you’d recommend for someone with a bad shoulder. I normally ride either a 9’7 Sam or a 7’6 egg. With the Sam I can catch waves...
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    Fins for classic LBs

    I have the tyler warren pivot fin and have ridden it for over three years. The best way to describe it; fat greenough fin. You can carve much more than a normal pivot fin but it still noserides and pivots in the small stuff. If you are surfing beach break I would recommend it, although NOTHING...
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    Black Rose Mfg. who has tried them?

    I am thinking of getting a custom from Black Rose and was seeing if anyone has any input or reviews. In particular, I am torn between the Fine Swine and the Deviated Septum.

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