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    10-0 Takayama Noserider 2+1 What Center Fin?

    Placement in fin box can make a huge difference for speed, especially if your board has a lot of tail rocker and the fin has a lot of rake. Too far back on some boards has really slowed them down for me. Cut away has felt like a fast fin in the few boards I've tried it. Throwing in a 4a/4c is...
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    Alt surfboard rider query.

    I snowboarded for 15 years before I really started surfing. I tried the whole HPSB thing and never really connected with those boards unless the waves were really good. I rode big fishes when I was learning to surf and went back to that design after several years of HPSBing. More or less, the...
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    10-0 Takayama Noserider 2+1 What Center Fin?

    flex fin or cutaway fin are good places to start probably go in the 9-9.5'' range, maybe smaller. See what what you like and go from there.
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    What is the perfect travel board?

    6’0” quads fish. I’d like to say twin but no doubt a quad is more versatile. Size it up a bit so it can handle a little bit more juice.
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    Your life outside of surfing

    Also one of my favourite road trips. That was our honeymoon and how we ended up where we did. There are some fantastic and beautiful surf spots on Vancouver Island I’d highly suggest people search them out because there are few spots like it in the world, and the more remote you get the better...
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    Your life outside of surfing

    34 year old, married with two young kids. Campground/Surf School owner in Ucluelet, BC Canada.(right next to Tofino) I’ve been doing it for 10+ years. My wife and I bought the campground using an inheritance we were fortunate enough to get when we were 23. We are seasonally open, Easter-...
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    Is it possible to take glass-on fins and convert them to futures or fcs tabs?

    It can be done, but it doesn’t mean it should be done.
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    If you have any 16mm films of significance please consider getting them rescanned in 4K+. The morning of the earth rescan was very cool. It makes those films so much more amazing when you can see such detail in how they were surfing and it’s easier to compare to today’s surfing.
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    Lose your stoke

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Take a break then come back and try some new surf spot/craft. Work on a different skill in surfing, make a new goal. Shape a board, and pay for someone else to glass it.
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    So how many surfboards are too many surfboards?

    I’ve thought about this more for a day or so. The answer is if you feel like you have too many boards and it’s hurting your surfing you probably do. Self reflection and realization rarely happens at the tipping point of diminishing returns. So be the time you are thinking you might have too many...
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    So how many surfboards are too many surfboards?

    It depends on how much often you surf, how long you have been surfing and what you want to experience. I surfed about 50 different boards and learned something from each one, both about the boards and my own surfing. I am not really working on aspects of my own surfing but looking to gain...
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    WaveKi: The Best Thing I've Ever Done For My Surfing

    I don't doubt that it can work for some people, but your delivery was a bit too much of a sales pitch for me.
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    Well, my Wayne Rich Wild Card 3 was shaped today.

    Wow that looks amazing. I love Wayne's Boards and I also love pigs. He doesn't seem to make a lot of them. I think it also looks better with a pointy nose. I might have to inquire about a board like this for me.
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    Well, my Wayne Rich Wild Card 3 was shaped today.

    got any pics of your piggy wildcards? those sound sick!
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    Wayne Rich Model D - first pics

    Is the Model D slightly pig shaped? Hard to tell from the pics. I thought I read some where that it was but now I can't find it.