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    Ryan Lovelace V.Bowls Fin

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    Liddle pathfinder

    I have a 10’-6” that I picked up from another forum member. I thoroughly enjoy it on some of the reef and point breaks we have in New England, beach break not so much. I tend to ride it from waist to head high and find it maneuverable as long as I have a large enough face to swing it around. I...
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    Noserider Recommendations: Big Guy, East Coast Beach Breaks
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    Want a midlength but overwhelmed

    6’-3” 200lbs with bum shoulder, perhaps an 8’ Walden mega.
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    Wetsuit....quiver? (Northeast folks)

    It’s just more of a personal preference. I will wear a zippered top with trunks but prefer the pullover under the farmer John. I’m sure there is no issue wearing a zippered top under a farmer John.
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    Wetsuit....quiver? (Northeast folks)

    I prefer the farmer John with a pull over top.
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    Wetsuit....quiver? (Northeast folks)

    I could see maybe 3 suits. 3/2 4/3 Winter suit of your choice
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    Wetsuit....quiver? (Northeast folks)

    Several 1-2mm tops 2mm long John Spring shorty 3/2 full suit 4/3 full suit no hood 4/3 full suit hooded 5.5/4+ hooded winter suit Heated top Kind of like surfboards it’s all subjective
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    WTB 11' Glider

    MSU just got 2 in
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    Most outrageous noseriding shots

    Ryan McGill
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    It's usually the archer, not the arrow

    Blame the dreadnaught :)
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    It's usually the archer, not the arrow

    Simplicity is the key to happiness and this goes far beyond surfboards. Embracing it is the stumbling block for many of us.
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    ISO my old Mandala

    What goes around comes around. Pat this is greatly appreciated by me and I’m sure many others. :)
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    FS: Logs and John Mel mid

    Ah not a vintage G&S after all. That fin duped me.
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    FS: Logs and John Mel mid

    That vintage G&S is probably a great rider. And a deal.