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    What do you do when you’re surfed out?

    You answered it yourself really... for me anyway. I am rarely ever surfed out, but, in the few times I have been, taking out a bigger, cruisey board usually does the trick. slows it all down, relaxes the whole experience, refreshes the arms and soul. Volume is like medicine.
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    seeing this days after i put a Hanel b5 order in... may still need it... @kpd73
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    Sold : Lovelace 6'0'' Bonzer 5 Toobshooter

    cheers mate!! 6'10 would be a blast @Bighouse
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    Sold : Lovelace 6'0'' Bonzer 5 Toobshooter

    Attempting to practice non-attachment. Have had so many insane sessions on this, but I have some boards coming and I've also been shaping and I subsequently need to thin out. It has one ding (from a pressure dent) that i repaired with 6oz cloth, just barely cracked the glass, but I laid cloth...
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    WTB Russ Short

    There is also a 6'4 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8 RS - classic white deck&yellow bottom -3fin- at Surfers Supplies in NJ right now that I inquired about very recently, if that piques your interest.
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    FS - Knost BMT / Son of Cobra / Hydrodinamica

    any chance you/somebody has a ride report on the Knost?
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    FS - Alex Knost 6’6” Disco - SOLD

    would scoop this in a heartbeat, but i'm on the east coast. theres a good chance i head west end of July, if its still around by then...
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    if i wasn't in mass i would immediately..
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    yeah that all checks out. btw my best buddy is selling that mini merk, thing is perfect, almost untouched condition, it’s beautiful, he’s open to offers, great guy, juss sayin’
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    damn, i hope not. Ill go with trust and optimism first, but appreciate the heads up and ill let ya know how it goes @Thaddiseus
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    currently in talks with Russ Short owner, going over to give her an arm test this week-stoked. all thanks to a pure heads up play by @kpd73
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    Board you would consider trading/selling if the offer was right?

    my beloved Ryan Lovelace 6'0 Bonzer5 Toobshooter for a 5'4-5'6 Burch squit fish or a CB B5 Russ Short sub 6'6"
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    WTB: 6'6-7'0 Travel board bag- Massachusetts, Rhode Island area

    First post, apologies for being a newbie, lurked for too long, but gotta start somewhere. Any who, i am looking for a travel bag that will fit a 6'6 x 21.5 bonzer egg, along with another board or two (fish and a step up bonz). The egg has glass on runners, so definitely looking for some...

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