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    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards Cool board, but its missing a certain set of wings to be adding that extra 0 on the asking price.
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    Is there a non-annoying leash out there?

    I’ve found it’s all about storage. Hanging straight vs wrapping in circles, but they all suck and get in the way.
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    the board is twisted and the fin is facked
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    boards flew out of truck. looking to rebuild quiver

    Bummer, good luck with your search! Ill keep my eyes open for anything along those lines
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    WTB - 10'6+ Glider (SoCal)

    Price started at like 8-900 too. Jumped to 12 and then to 1450.
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    In search of the ultimate cruiser

    near 8' drifter from Michael Miller could, IMO, be a damn near 1 board quiver.
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    Old Mike Hynson Board

    Terrible, ill take it off your hands and dispose of it.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    glider pricing. Likely gouging due to the fact books are closed.
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    Fish Simmons fins

    Second this. I use the stussy nub with the boomerangs too.
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    TRADED 9’0 Michael Miller Drifter

    Killer board. I got a 9’2x22.5x3 1/8 and it’s by far my favorite board. Boomerang fins with a trailer in the center, magic.
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    Coming from the waterproofing/concrete coatings world (epoxies, polys, acrylic, fiberglass, etc) , we have still been able to get truckloads of fiberglass without any increases but resins are what have gone through the roof. The big freeze in the south is what started the problem, and covid...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)
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    WTB Terry Martin Legacy

    Thanks man! Got a 9’8 from Josh and couldn’t be happier with it. Looking for a needle in a haystack for a Terry shaped one, hopefully one day a gem pops up.