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    Cool vid

    I agree watching someone get barreled on an alaia is just the same old thing and totally silly
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    Sano 2008

    is everyone just bringing logs or will there be some other cool boards to check out?
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    Sano 2008

    if anyone is interested there is a show at shelter surf shop in long beach on the saturday.
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    Yike Ike

    if anyone needs help out there and is willing to house me i would be more than happy to drive out there and help for as long as needed gcoast i happen to make beer so i'd be able to me your request as well. seriously though this isn't an empty offer just message me and i'll can be there in two...
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    What is going on here?

    Wow correct grammar must be the bees knees right now.
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    CJ Nelson Surftech Noserider

    Are you talking about the Aviso board? I've never seen or heard of a surftech cj model but there is a model by aviso and i have ridden that.
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    Jason quick question. why have i not ridden the green genie? My boycott of seal beach (and surrounding beaches) is over. call me up. jason wrote:
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    EC noserider fo sale!

    Is it the diamond sled?
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    Winter Playlists

    Burnin' for Buddy - The bossest buddy rich tribute cd Against Me! The Aggrolites Rilo Kiley The Minor Canon
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    To leash or not to leash?

    i never wear them. When it's small i don't feel i need it and when it's big my board controls me if i have it on. I feel i'm better off swimming. i learned the later point the hard way at bigger makaha where i just got dragged around because of the longboards volume (and my lack of it)...
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    Dust Off Those Guns

    i like to go shorter when it gets bigger
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    Let's see your cool noseriders

    yeah i wanted buck to spray 'my balls your chin" but he said i couldn't because i'm not a guy. 'we are all anarchists by nature' was a close second
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    Let's see your cool noseriders

    aloha that is a...well a boss boss. i want to see that thing in person boss's are insanely thin and have heaps of flex. they're a trip to ride so here's the noserider i've been riding. it's a 9' Wegener Gabezila a beast in the water
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    as far as the dano pignar goes. i think it works fine. the concave doesn't create as much drag as some would seem to think and i think it actually helps.
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    Share your pics... anyone got 'em?

    here are a couple of pics that are pretty new