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    G&S 60s, 9'7" - $550

    I am traveling from. Nova Scotia and if I am able to sellmy Clandeseno on the way I could help with transport South. I expect to be going through late Monday or early Tuesday Right now I am planning to stop in Seabrook NH.
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    Couple of Questions About Vintage 1976 Rick

    I have also made a ramp in the original box to remove the old plate but I used a fientool . I used the most narrow blade. I never considered a Dremel tool. There is a how to on youtube on adjusting the finbase using strips of masking tape that works well. I believe it was put on by the...
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    WTB Peck Penetrator

    I had hoped that I might find one out here someone wanted to sell but that seems to be a dream. Intend to give it another week then move on.
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    WTB Peck Penetrator

    Thank you
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    WTB Peck Penetrator

    PM PLEASE 9 4 TO 9 8 Dennis Ryder shape
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    How much is a Big Boy Bisect worth?

    Thanks He found a price for the insurence company.
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    How much is a Big Boy Bisect worth?

    Me either my friend rides thick boards to accommodate hi s size. How about current prices for a 9 6?
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    How much is a Big Boy Bisect worth?

    Teach me to write at 5 AM . He told me it was a Big Boy BI SECT. My spellcheck changed to biscuit. I known nothing about the board and hope when you guys finish laughing you can help. Thanks for help
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    How much is a Big Boy Bisect worth?

    My friend was moving and packed his board .The moving company lost the 9 6 board. He asked me what I thought it was going to replace.i have no idea. Anyone out there know value or where to find one?
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    ISO Red X fins

    I don't think they are the same base but there is a set of red x on eBay right now. I reciently found a set of the Fins Unlimited by posting on the Facebook page-- surfboard fin collectors --.
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    Mabile Modern Fish

    There is a 5-10 Mabile modern fish on Facebook Marketplace in Charleston SC 750.00 The heading is custom shaped surfboards. It is not mine
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    Board Train

    Sorry, I am in Charleston going to Wilmington NC.
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    Board Train

    I am leaving Charleston SC early Sunday morning to go to Wilmington N.C. If you can get me a board/boards by Sat. I can take it/them there. I am returning on Monday but I do not know how much room I will have to bring anything south. I have a Promaster van so the length is not an issue

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